DARKLAND (2017) Nordic Revenge Thriller Movie Review

DARKLAND (2017) Nordic Revenge Thriller Movie Review

DARKLAND (2017) Movie Review

Zaid is a successful young surgeon who has everything that he could possibly dream of. A beautiful wife who is expecting their first child, a beautiful home, and good friends. On the day of a successful, life saving operation, Zaid and his wife have a celebratory dinner with friends, only to be disrupted by Yasin. His wayward younger brother. After begging for money that he says he owes some local gangsters, Zaid makes the mistake of pushing him away. The next day, Zaid is told that Yasin has been brutally murdered. Anger soon turns into obsession, as Zaid puts everything that he has built in life on the line in order to avenge his brother’s death and get some closure!



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