Darkest Minds Movie Review and Discussion

Darkest Minds Movie Review and Discussion

The DARKEST MINDS movie is out! WHAT DID WE THINK? Let’s discuss!! Please share your thoughts! Thanks for watching!
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Sammy Webb says:

I enjoyed the movie and LOVED the book (it’s been a few years since I saw it as well). There were things that really did bother me about the movie too but I’m really hoping for a second one. The relationship between Ruby and Liam did feel really rushed but I think that’s just because they were trying to fit as much in about the actual universe they’re living in while also trying to build the romance so I think that made it rushed a bit and not really believable at all. I adored Chubs in the movie and I ended up not minding too much that he is a green. HOWEVER something that really bothers me for whatever reason is that the yellows are called golds. Just… WHY?! I actually liked the glowing eyes personally. But I’m really hoping for a second movie, partially because I think they won’t need to rush so much after this one has built a lot and partially because I really really want to see how they introduce Cole because he was always my favorite character.

Renaud H says:

I love you when you have your hair down and free Christine !!!

Natalie Hussein says:

I literally couldn’t stop laughing throughout the Red’s fire breaking scene because they just looked like dragons 😂 also on top of everything said I was a little butthurt that Liam didn’t have the slight southern accent or say darlin’ once.

Eric McHenry says:

Happy Birthday Christine.

Evan Acree says:

X-Men: Discount Edition

sydneysbooks says:

I thought the pacing was so off and Liam wasn't my fave? His character felt kinda flat and they lacked some chemistry that didn't feel forced (like the squashed together mall scene). I also really loved Chubs and preferred the book ending but I liked this ending too and leads really nicely into a sequel, so I would give this a B! I always enjoy your movie reviews!

Caitlin So says:

I really felt like this movie dumbed down Alex Bracken's wonderful writing 🙁

Kelly Angel says:

Personally I think the eye thing was a visual for the movie since no one made a comment on it, just for the audience

Calianna Howard says:

Oh my lord I agree with literally everything you said! I feel like because I was so emotional watching it because my dream was enfolding out in front of me I was guarded from the reality of some Liam and ruby scenes! Also I do not understand why people are not talking about the fact that LIAM DOES NOT HAVE A SOUTHERN ACCENT!

Nancy C says:

I read the book almost five years ago now and I'm pretty sure I've reread since then but honestly who knows but it was genuinely my favorite book and I wanted so badly to like this movie even after I didn't like the trailer but this just wasn't it. They dumbed everything down so much for a teen audience when its literally teens who love and read the book. They tried to cater so much with the indie pop soundtrack instead of the classic rock written into the book. And the glowing eyes made no sense especially with greens like their eyes glow just because they say a fact?? I literally had to laugh just to get through the movie. And don't get me started on Liam. Liam Michael Stewart was the literal love of my sixth grade life but everything that came out of his mouth in the movie had me rolling my eyes. He was so cheesy and vaguely creepy using his powers on people I just don't see how that can be romantic or cute and the Twinkie was literally the portal scene all over again. His whole personality was "pretty girl. I like car. AND pretty girl." and there was nothing to back it up other than a few days of them staring at each other.

Andrina patricia says:

Im giving it a C-. I absolutely could not stand the glowing eyes too. It drove me crazy. The only part I got choked up was when ruby told liam to be safe and he just said ok…that part hurt a little but i can say this movie made me want to go back and read never fade again.

Liv's Books says:

I totally agree with everything you said in this! ESPECIALLY CHUBS, he was easily the best part of the movie. But uhh what was with the fire vomit? The weird gladiator arena at the end?? Liam's soliloquy??? The "teenifying" (which is SO a thing and this is the first time I've seen someone put it into words so thank you)????

Katelin J says:

zu didnt get her pink gloves in the movie i was so unhappy with that!

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