Daddy’s Home 2 – Movie Review

Daddy’s Home 2 – Movie Review

Meet The Fockers meets…well…Daddy’s Home. Here’s my review of DADDY’S HOME 2!

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Archie Robinson says:

Sherlock seas…. no, series 3 and 4 pleeeaaassseee

barcelonahershys says:

1:55 that shit cracked me

Skyler H. says:

review Lady Bird

Lydia says:

1:54 That hair

Mike the Nintendo Master says:

I think this film is just as good as the first. Its not better, but I don't think its really trying to be.

Brandon D. Adkins says:

I have to disagree with this review, but I respect your thought JJ. I had a great time with this movie. Love Lithgow and Gibson. The thermostat scene was hilarious! And the Liam Neeson stuff at the end was great too. Comedies are supposed to make you laugh and escape the drama from this crazy world. I thought this movie did just that.

rosemary j says:

Saw it with my husband last night, one of the tickets was free, but still waste of time. At one point I told my husband, where is Dexter when you need him.

acegrafik says:

But of course you'll hate Mel-you are a jew!

Nicholas Updike says:

Shrek the third was a sequel that wasn't as good as the other two

Jason Roeder says:

Not watching just because of the gay stuff. Pretty soon I won't need a tv

sebastian gonzalez says:

That maniacal laugh tho?

Jon Arnall says:

Hey Jeremy could you review Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic?

xxWilky says:

Review what happened to monday!

Zack Coleman says:

I actually liked this movie

The Ryan.T Show says:

I also reviewed Daddy's Home 2! Feel free to check it out on my channel! Also Jahns always gives stellar reviews!

Elí Garza says:

I saw the movie. Complete waste of time. I HATE movies with liberal agenda shoved. The gender neutrals card, anti-Gun jokes, and at the end when the kid was kissing all these girls in line. Then a Boy popped up in the back. And the tipping incest kiss from stepsister. Just NO.

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