Curse of Chucky – Horror Movie Review

Curse of Chucky – Horror Movie Review

Chucky Doug’s review of Curse of Chucky AKA Child’s Play 6. Starring Fiona Dourif, daughter of the voice of Chucky. Also starring my Movie Maniacs Chucky action figure. Where has Doug been? Send your complaints to the comments section.





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laciejewel says:

For everyone who doesn't want to watch the unrated version of curse of chucky just for the end credits scene. Oh and SPOILER ALERT! What happens is a guy (I haven't seen this I looked this scene up on youtube. I don't know if he was in this movie as the main character) gets a package. Dialogue, dialogue. The guy gets a phone call and he's yappin' it up. While that's happening, a knife is cutting through the box. (Chucky!) The camera moves towards pictures. Someof them ,to me, look like Tiffiney (sorry if I misspelled her name) The camera stays there for a while. Then, the camera moves back to the box. Chucky is out. He's looking around. His face is a bit creepy. Then chucky lookks to the right and a shotgun is pointed to him. The guy saw him. 
     "Play with this" the guy said.
     "Andy!" Chucky said.
 The gun goes off and the screen gives the credit to the guy who played as Andy. (I don't remember the name. If anyone is feeling remotely nice today tell me. and that's basically what happened. If you want to see the scene for yourself then go to   hhtp/
    If this thing doesn't show up blue just type curse of chucky end credits scene 

4thtroika says:

I had to resubscribe after the new YT changes. Good to see you again.

MrFilmJack says:

Great review!
The intro was awesome XD

TheWisestWizards says:

🙂 At least Ryan did more reviews than all of the OG Roughcutters. You won't be seeing him on any of our YouTube channels ever again though 🙁 Other than some old unaired footage.

Trich Omes says:

The best thing that ever happened to the Rough Cuts.
If only Pancake Hat was around still…

KaptainSpaulding says:

Who the fuck are you? ha-ha 🙂

Gompy182 says:

i was excited about this movie, but when it dropped i thought it was a rip off, then i saw who directed it…. it wasnt the best, it was entertaining but id rather watch any of the previous chucky movies, except the seed of chucky

Brandon Melling says:

Where have you been?! (Haha I had to do it. Good review Doug.)

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