Cube – Horror Movie Review Guy | Vid 30 | ( HMRG Oldies)

Cube – Horror Movie Review Guy  | Vid 30 | ( HMRG Oldies)




TheKrigeron says:

SPOILERS AHEAD The acting wasn't great and the characters weren't very deep. The entire appeal was figuring out the Cube but in the end they didn't :/ Felt like I wasted my time especially with how contrived lots of things were like them not hearing Quentn getting to them. And he either managed to follow them sneakily or got moved to where they which is very convenient. Quentn decent into madness wasn't convincing imo.

Basekitball says:

Best analogy on how governments work.

The Judgemental Cat says:

As a movie with good characters it's not great… but it's the almost nihilistic reasons hinted at behind its purpose. It's just dark because it's nothing.
Not the best film, like I say but the concept I enjoy

SquareWaveHeaven says:

I actually liked Quentin's death scene. They don't show it in detail, but it's implied, and set against the monolithic backdrop of the cube exterior and the mechanical, indifferent nature of the cube's movements, I thought it was beautifully grim. Plus, the guy had it coming 🙂

SquareWaveHeaven says:

It's the wrenster!

Derka Derka says:

this movie explains society. the fact that people believe in conspiracies is such bull crap. all conspiracies require a lot of energy and coordination. the movie proves that selfish disconnected people can create deadly and massively catastrophic events. people think governments are so organized that they can be globalized into a new world order when infact these governments are just like the people in the cube.

Lute Scrat says:

great movie

river water says:

whats the whole point of this movie?… The ''innocent def guys'' always win? i thought it was stupid.
But this movie has a brilliant concept, just needs a remake.

LovelyEagleMan says:

I figured out what the facility is…. It is the playhouse in the McDonald's / Burger King / Chuck-E-Cheese's from childhood.

Brian Jordan Bartels says:

You should review the first Saw movie!

Azazel Acheron says:

The slow guy is every bad cliche' about mentally disabled person, and the ending was too Christian, the whole meek inheriting the earth bullshit.

BMW Reviews says:

Nice review

jonathan cuevas says:

Great video dude

jonathan cuevas says:

Great video dude

AMMO BOX says:

if the numbers arnt prime its safe

Milla Kivinen says:

this room is green, astronimical 😀

Joni Meyer says:

I Love Cube and hypercube but cube Zero is pretty shitty

stalkerlohh says:

pretty lame movie…before it i watched- angst, and that i can recommen. not this piece of a 90s boogiwoogi shit !

FamilyGaming9 says:

this room is green

rellik187redrum says:

Used to hate it for about 10 years until I finally watched it, it's now one of my favs

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