Creepshow – Horror Movie Review Guy | Vid 46 | ( HMRG Oldies)

Creepshow – Horror Movie Review Guy  | Vid 46 | ( HMRG Oldies)




chris's world says:

amazing review

chris's world says:

i subscribed to your channel i really like please subscribe to my channel

Andrew R. Davis says:

Good review! I really enjoyed this movie myself, which is why I reviewed it as well.  They don't make anthologies like this anymore.  You got yourself a sub!


Creeped me out as a kid! When I got older I couldn't remember the title of the flick so I googled Leslie Nielsen and Ted danson anddd boom there it is! Extremely underrated and one of my favorite horror movies from the best horror decade ☠️

Arctic Frank! says:

Great review! I enjoyed the video!

Evan says:

My favorite horror movie anthology would have to be "Trick R Treat"

alexander arkum says:

creeps how 3 is a heartbreakingly tragic movie that shits on its predecessors BUT it is a so bad it's funny type movie

Poopy gamer9000 says:

This used to scare me my favorite story was Father's Day

Fat Troll says:

I love the look of old horror films! the creepy music..the comic book style! And the shitty props make it strangely scarier!

Saint318 says:

I love this movie so much it's a personal favorite of mine. My favorite was The Crate. I just love anthology films. Lastly look for green marble ashtray it's in every segment.

SerperMerio says:

Loved that movie

K.G.L says:

The Boy is the son of Stephen King in real life and The Crate is originaly a short story from Stephen King. I love that movie, It was the very first movie, that I owned in the eighties. I have watched it about a million times. 
By the way, – It's a bit comical?? It was supposed to be like a comic. 

gdh1984 says:

I've loved and watched the creepshow movies all my life (1 and 2 anyway) I watched the third one once and don't want to suffer through it again. Every time I've been anyplace movies are sold I looked out for 1 and 2 and never had luck, but today I find both at the dollar store for $3 bucks lol, the one place I never thought would have them…

LordMalice6d9 says:

He wanted to have his cake and eat it too.

spencer pugh says:

I WANT MY CAKE, so funny

KYBloxx says:

do trick r treat anthology horror style as well . very good movie

neil peart says:

I was in second grade when this came out and still have the promotional GLASS from burger king and the comic book.

angel chavez says:

the raft in the second one creeps me out thats scary

schizoidboy says:

I love how Stephen King just hams it up in this movie. It just works for him and he actually makes the character sympathetic, I guess it just helps to play the character you created.

Avalanche Reviews says:

I loved this movie as a kid!

"I can hold my breath a looooooong time!!!!!" ha

GrantBrownDog says:

I liked this movie, but the first time I saw it, "Something to tide you over" tripped me up because Leslie Nielson was playing an actual threatening character, where all I had ever known him from was from comedies.

Scarlett Miller says:

Did you know that the little boy at the beginning of the film, the one who is slapped by his father, is Stephen King's son, Joe Hill King? (Incidentally, Joe wrote the horror novel 'Heart-Shaped Box' many years later.) Just some funsy trivia. 🙂

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