Come with me : Ghost Stories (2017) | Horror movie review

Come with me : Ghost Stories (2017) | Horror movie review

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Random Horror says:

I completely forget about this film it don't think it was advertise enough but i do remember seeing a trailer for this but like i said not enough advertising.

Foodie Beauty says:

Watching this now at 4 am…goosebumps. Creepy film.

Evil Witch says:

I thought it was on DVD already, but I don't know I have to check.

Kevin Smith says:

Got my Vicky fix Now for my Emma fix…

Raven House Mystery says:

As far as I know, Ghost Stories has not gotten a theatrical release here, but I do have it on my Netflix quene, current release date unknown. I'm glad to hear that the film was good and I have heard that it has a great ending. Hopefully, I'll get to see it soon.

This weekend is Comic-Con and I was lucky enough to get a Saturday ticket. So it is a full road trip for the weekend.

Mr M says:

Just curious What’s the highest rating you’ve ever given a film and what was the film?

cglen66 says:

OMG!!! I saw this on stage in London and LOVED IT!!! I’m so happy to hear it is a film and will watch it ASAP!

Great review!!! Stay Spooky!!! 🎃👻👻🎃

The Horror Miser Monty G says:

I've heard good things about this movie Emma. I haven't watch the trailer because I wanted to see this one blind without any preconceived notion on the film. I love these 'Come with Me' videos, I might do one myself one day.

ptong226 says:

Good video Emma I saw this movie and liked it too😱. Have you seen the Trailer for 'Mandy' ? It's a Nicholas Cage action/horror . Check that one out🎞️🎦🎫

Michelle M says:

This movie looks really good!

Samuel Trejo says:

From the trailer it seemed very 1408.

chboskyy says:

I can't wait to see this one. It got cancelled at the Glasgow Film Festival this year because of the snow we got, but I didn't get a ticket because I forgot so I didn't lose out much! But I don't think I ever saw it come back to theatres which was kinda frustrating. Hopefully I can get a hold of it somehow!

Matthew Panting says:

Great video. I saw the play when it was on at the West End. I thought the film was a brilliant adaption with some slight differences. The play seemed to focus less on Andy Nyman's character. it did have a lot of jump scares like the film which is fun in a theatre!

Nick Chaplin says:

I also saw this movie…I wasnt enamored with it but i did think the cinematography was great as well as the acting although the scare factor was a 1 on a 1-10 scale and i dont consider this an anthology..More hype than anything else for this flick

Nathan Mitchell says:

Finally got to see this last week great review have you seen Devils Doorway pretty good also

Brown Jenkin says:

Great cast and a great creepy vibe. Ending was a bit out there but at least it made sense, unlike so many horror films – 7/10 from me; worth a watch. Nice work as usual Emma 👍

Rishi Singh says:

The movie was good but I hated the ending.

Joao S says:

she mentioned she has a boyfriend, my heart is broken

Treychik says:

Hi, Emma! I'm really glad that you finally managed to watch this movie.
I managed to watch it couple of months ago (i think 🙂 ) and it is amazing movie! It does have jumpscares, but farely i can say – they are in the right places. Actors – amazing! Music – amazing, the story…it's a twist after a twist and somewhere in the middle you start to get the idea where it all comes from and where it will end. Every horro fan should totally watch it. It reminds me of some sort of Alice in twisted Wonderland, where things are not always what they seem and the deeper you go to the rabbit hole the more bizzare stuff you'll find.

Garrett says:

An art house theatre in Southern California was showing it a few weeks ago.


Great video. I hope you make more reviews soon.

lethargy says:

Glad you liked it! I watched it a while ago when it came out in the UK and thought it was very weird and creepy and unique. The jumps scares really got me in this one

Raphael says:

So kinda like 1408?

Sammi Jones says:

great review! realy enjoyed this film i got Black Mirror vibes and i agree Alex Lawther was amazing who is also in Black Mirror

Jasper Fen says:

It has not shown up here in North Carolina USA, and I fear it won't. I have wanted to watch it since I first saw a trailer for. I will have to look for streaming options. Your review makes me want to see it even more. And I didn't know about the play (once I decide I want to see a film, I actively avoid any more info on it until I have seen it). I want to see that play too. Thank!

Raiders AK says:

4/10 here. Didn’t like it as much as you but I will agree it is shot beautifully and the acting is superb.

Slasher In Suits says:

It’s available digitally here in the US, pretty neat how it starts off and meeting the other stories.

Ginger Rogers says:

Watched it and I didn't really get the ending at all 🤫🤫

The Late Late Horror Show says:

Ghosts… have not seen it…….

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