Coco Review – Pixar is back, baby!

Coco Review – Pixar is back, baby!

Our resident Pixar expert Max weighs in on the latest Disney/Pixar release. Is it a masterpiece or another letdown?



Juan Zamora says:

ya ben que la ignoransia no discrimina

SasuSaku Fever says:

you should really listen to "remember me"(recuerdame) in spanish by luis angel
… it's much more angelic and beautiful…and it definitely caught on when carlos rivera sang it

Valerie says:

i think Remember Me was ok when the first guy sings it (so I dont give it away) but when you hear the real version, you fall in love with it and realize why it IS memorable

Luis Gomez says:

Good review, however I recommend that you listen to Recuerdame or Remember me in Spanish by Carlos Rivera because he sings this song with soo much heart and it really upgrades the song quality. Also the dog is a Mexican species called Xolo and it was believed to be a spirit guide which is why it can traverse both the world of the living and of the dead.

ProfesorFeliz says:

Remember me! ???Hello from México.??

Red Devil says:

Try the version in Spanish "Recuérdame" by Luis Ángel Gómez Jaramillo:  RECUERDAME COCO ( VOZ NIÑO MIGUEL) CON LETRA | SOUNDTRACK COCO PELICULA DISNEY PIXAR   and you will see the huge difference between the English and Spanish version. By the way, that explains why people in Mexico are crying their eyes out for the last 10 minutes of the movie. Regards from Mexico City.

Jon Powter says:

Max: The google machine

James Arnold Fabellon says:

You’re forgetting that Inside Out is a also Pixar Masterpiece so there are two great original Pixar films since Up!

Solesisita says:

Remember me IS the let it go in Mexico

Gato Brujo says:

What an awkward beggining..

Julio Ricardo Diaz Sanchez says:

Mexico it’s in North America, not South America

Mar Hernandez says:

The movie is about the tradition in Mexico which is located in North America like USA, and Canada!

Juan Cardenas says:

I liked you guys's review but just to Let the guy with the glasses know that Mexico is actually located in north America!! ?

Andi RV says:

COCO is only their 6th film ever to grade an A+ from audiences from CinemaScore and the first one since Up in 2009. In my opinion this is Pixar's best movie since Toy Story 3.

Minute Movie Pop says:

Couldn’t agree more! this movie was stunning in every way, a must see!

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