COCO MOVIE REVIEW – Double Toasted Review

COCO MOVIE REVIEW – Double Toasted Review

COCO MOVIE REVIEW – Double Toasted Review – Disney Pixar is back at it again and this time we are jumping right onto the world of spanish and Mexican culture, complete with great music with a soundtrack and story that will make grown folks go into full b***ch mode! But are the positive reviews true or is it the same song and dance of the hype being misleading? The Double Toasted podcast reveal the quality of Coco in this movie review and you let us know what you think of the film in the comment section below of this funny video!

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The Movie Review Extravaganza! 11-22-17

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victoria olvera says:

Fucking white guy.

R A L M R A L M says:

that white boy is cute but thats what it is,no talent

Jesus McL says:


Fer Galicia says:

I love the movie, really very much. as a Mexican that haven't stepped on my country in almost 15 years, now living in Asia, but i think the movie borrowed a lot of elements from Spirited Away, I'm surprised nobody have mention it on any reviews I've seen. Even make a call back with "I'm dreaming".

Kat Stav says:

Although this, for personal reasons, has become my favorite animated film <3 , I still thought this movie borrowed from ratatouille (talented individual chasing dream) and mulan (family)

Sebastian Gonzalez says:

Call me a necrophiliac but I thought some of skeleton chicks were kinda hot

Origami Gem says:

I cried and felt awful I didn't put flowers on my momma grave on November first

Matt Tazbin says:

The ending with Mama Coco was some of the most raw and incredible cinema I have ever seen! Made this a masterpiece!!!

Totally not NoOne says:

I live in Mexico and I have been to Texas… trust me you don't know Mexican culture

That Chimichanga says:


Kevin Garcia says:

wait how did coco take some thing from up and wall e. i saw all three and i can't think of one thing

shakezilla29 says:

14:27 Goodwin looks high af

Mariko True says:

I am going to have to see this movie. I do not like to cry in public. Maybe I should see it in 3D, then I can wear dark glasses.

sadlobster1 says:

Nuts to what the American government things. For the grand majority of the spectrum.

Mexico has one of THE MOST gorgeous cultures in the world. Right alongside the Irish, the Scots and that of Spain. I mean, how could a culture that encourages you to think of your family (even after they're dead) be as "villainous" as…HE thinks

Matheus Moura says:


Alexander John Babbage says:

You guys are very entertaining and informative. You have gained a new sub.

ProfesorFeliz says:

Remember me! ???Hello from México??

Jorgeflo7 says:

Tejano is not mexican

Joaquin asc says:

Best movie ever…:-)

SonicRulez94 says:

Wow. I liked the movie, but it didn't blow me away. I feel like I've seen stronger stuff from Disney. I'm with Girts. There was so much stuff that I could identify from the very beginning that any kind of twist the movie tried to do just fell flat. It had touching moments though, so it can't be bad in any way.

kblixt says:

One my top 4 Pixar films

R3drift says:

As usual the white man opressing Latin excellene lol

Deidra Leitner says:

I made my husband take me yesterday….to say I liked it, meh….."I'M IN LOVE WITH THE COCO"!!

R3drift says:

Pixar didn't do this as a result to book of life. These movies took YEARS To make

MeláhuacTv says:

?The only positive thing about this coco movie is that it showcases and promotes mexican culture worldwide and it reminds the eurocentric self-hating mexicans, traitors (malinches) to appreciate and value their own race and traditions, but not all mexicans see or feel positively about coco because its basically just a bunch of racist and hypocrite white corporations exploiting, appropriating, capitalizing and profiting off mexican culture. The patrimony of mexicans belongs only to mexicans and no other race should appropriate or profit from mexican culture

Its all very offensive because Disney and pixar tried to say it was a homage of love to mexican culture while at the same time the illegitimate colonial government of the United States continues to persecute, crimnalize and dehumanize mexican-americans when in fact the only true illegals are the white pilgrims on all this continent since 1492!

We don't need no white people to come and put a mirror in front of our faces in order for us to value and feel pride for our people and our traditions. For an hour and a half of cheap entertainment i will not sell out my and my childrens culture or the honor of my people. No proud mexican should pay to see this movie. Im not about to help enrich my opresssors because none of the millions they will make profiting off my peoples culture will go to the welfare or benefit of mexicans.

Whites have no business touching or profiting off the cultural inheritance of other races!!

We need to create and support our own industry. We need to stop making our opressors wealthy. Lets stop selling out and prostituting our culture

Right of return for all mexicans unjustly persecuted and criminalized these last 20 years by the white supremacists and the illegitimate colonial government of the United States!!!

End the ongoing opression, dehumanization, ethnic cleansing and the genocide against Mexicans and all indigenous people!!!

Crash Game Reviews says:

this reminds me of House on mango street where the main character had to stop pursuing her dreams to work to support her family which i think is bullshit.

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