COCO Movie Review… and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure | Andre Black Nerd

COCO Movie Review… and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure | Andre Black Nerd

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Coco Review. Andre Black Nerd Review of Coco from Disney and Pixar featuring Mexican characters and culture including Dia de los Muertos in a mainstream animation movie. Also some talk about the Frozen short Olaf’s Frozen Adventure that plays before Coco.

Note: “Coco” and “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” trailers and clips provided by Disney and Pixar via EPK for press to use for reviews under rights of fair use. All opinions are 100% my own.

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Your boy Prankster gangster says:

Dude i saw that people cry when they leave the movie 4:30

Cand581 says:

I wasn't too bothered with the Frozen episode they showed (can't call it a short). I think originally it was gonna be a tv special but changed to show before coco to drum up interest. Not a good idea. Coco was amazing though and it's hard not to cry at the end. I came out the theater all puffy and red in the face.

isitbroke says:


SocialMoth says:

Loved Coco. Hated the frozen video. I think the Frozen movie is massively overrated. anyway.

Jordan Willner says:

Wow, you will never get over someone bringing a baby to It, won’t you? ????

Gavin Coria says:

Am I the only one who said some of them are nerdy when he said some of them are big some of them are small.

redxsage says:

Just when you think the 'Frozen' featurette is about to end…? They stick in a five-minute long montage, and then it just keeps… on… going… It definitely should have been a televised Christmas Special instead.

redxsage says:

I saw 'COCO' on a weekday, so very few people were there. It is an awesome movie that I will definitely purchase on BluRay — just so I can watch it in Spanish! (I hope all the songs have fully Spanish versions.) I was happily surprised that about 97% of the movie is complete before you learn why it is named 'COCO' — yes, that is one of the points that is bound to make anyone with a soul cry, so don't be embarrassed.

So, yeah… Remember me

Midna127 says:


MrDrawingboard1 says:

Im a little amazed that everybody is shocked saying de la Cruz is like the first actual murderer in a Pixar film…, did nobody remember what Syndrome did?

Disney65Fan says:

Is this film like The Book Of Life.

Toon Bude says:

Great review and wow, what camera do you use? I must know, it looks great!

VickytheIcky says:

The 'leaves' are petals from marigolds. These flowers are very symbolic for day of the dead and the petals spread on the ground (or the bridge) esp. are supposed represent passage for the dead.

Subaru Sakamaki says:

Not because he touch a dead item it's because he stole from the dead which got him sent there

aR0ttenBANANA96 says:

Apparently, Olaf's adventure is complete ass.

Q says:

"Nerd". You just have interests in animation and cartoons. Why do we have to take on labels?

Falling Star says:

my college just did a screening of this movie by the end, all u hear are sniffling and crying and ppl asking for tissues. First Pixar movie to make me cry. It took the ending to do it. However, for the olaf short, me n my friends came late bc of a marathon was blocking all the entrance to the theater so we miss all of that

Siesta Song says:

Me and my sister went to see it just the other day. One time she looked over at me and I was bawling my eyes out.

Bluekoinu says:

I loved this movie! Definitely one of my favourite Pixar films now. It's one of the few films that actually made me cry. I want to see it again! The Frozen Adventure was cute but definitely wish it had stuck to TV.

Christian Flores says:

Actually here in mexico they hated the short so much a week after the movie premiered they removed the short from most screenings

Audrey M says:

The only good nothing about the "short" is that if you're running a little bit late, you can relax because it's 20 minutes​ long and you know you'll have plenty of time to get there, get the tickets, snacks, use the restroom, take a short nap, and it still wouldn't be done.

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