Coco Movie Review

Coco Movie Review


Jayson With a Y says:

i didn't see the Olaf thing so I think it is select theatres

Screen Crawler says:

Great review, Nick, mate! Can't wait to see this one. Gotta wait till next year for a UK release though!!!

Adventures by George says:

It was a cute movie, but since it focuses on such a specific culture's beliefs, I don't think it will do well at the box office. It did make me cry pretty bad at the end though!

Jared Buckendahl says:

Ahhh man, Coco was fantastic. Such a heart-warming film. Thanks for your review Nick!

Tampa Jay says:

I've got to see this it's really interest me thanks for the awesome review buddy

Yey1na's Journeys says:

One-ahh-hu-ahh-toe is how it’s pronounced 😉

Yey1na's Journeys says:

I want to watch it, thanks for reviewing it Nick. Happy Thanksgiving too, hope you enjoyed your day!

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