Cinematic Excrement: Episode 45 – The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure, part 1

Cinematic Excrement: Episode 45 – The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure, part 1

Yes, that’s actually the title.



Jackson Powley says:

Cocaine the movie

John Smith says:

10:45 "Kylie O'Brien"? That looks like Kaley Cuoco

Sydney Slaughter says:

This is a movie made for the kids born with several severe mental deformities. Also rocks.

John Smith says:

This movie is terrible , it is boring, its even worse that Lady In The Water, another fable for – -?

Oakview Films says:

Dave Hood, the creator of the "Real Wheels – There Goes A…." children's educational series in the 90s, said it best about making content for younger kids:

"My approach from the very beginning was, and I told my producers this, if I do a children’s show, I will NOT talk down to kids. I don’t want that silly, stuffed animal approach that sounds like somebody talking to their little puppy dog. "

Apparently Kenn Viselman had the complete opposite thought process of Mr. Hood. OH yes, and speaking of Viselman, I found an interview with him right before the Oogieloves came out, where he talks shit about Pixar. You know, the studio that makes QUALITY entertainment?

Gracekim1 says:

Julie’s way of talking is so annoying

Gracekim1 says:

What’s J Edgar?

Cool girl 123 says:

Great review.

Kawaii Neko Girl Pie Pie says:


starcader99 says:

I remember seeing ads for this everywhere: on TV and on NYC buildings. Even one commercial played Nicki Minaj's "Starships". All those ads only for $1,000,000. FAIL!

Master Farr says:

The biggest problem with this movie in my opinion is that there is no conflict, I mean there is no worst case scenario. I mean look at monsters inc, worst case scenario there is that the city will have power and no longer be in danger of an energy crisis……….. So I guess mike and sully are the villains of that movie when you think about it… Okay bad example. Worst case scenario in toy story is that both buzz and woody are destroyed by Sid and never get to be played with by Andy ever again. The characters don't have any conflicts so there's no consequences if they fail, worse case scenario here is just a slight disappointment for the pillow. And that's not a good reason why we should care if the characters succeed because we know that if they don't succeed nothing about the world will change it will just be sorry buddy but we were unable to get back your present, please forgive us.

Taro the Fox Dragon says:

You forgot Al Bhed!

Alex Klepp says:

5:15 Brad Jones: You're biased!

Kahran042 says:

10:09 – Tesla!

supermariofan03 says:

"How many preschoolers are gonna know who J. Edgar Hoover is?!"

Then again how many children know who Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello and Raphael are?

The G-Wing says:

i saw a fucking my bedbugs plush at a go kart arena.

fuckin…..what is life.

James white says:

I'm not the only one who sees an unidentified industrial looking barrel on the first kids bike, am I?

Robert Treacy says:

Even the Yugopotamians would be terrified of this movie (thumbs up if you get that reference)

only eggs can sustain me says:

7:528:16 He also got the idea from a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Robert Treacy says:

"Magic mirror on the wall, who writes the dumbest lyrics of them all?" LOL! I died!

Robert Treacy says:

The actors in this movie look like they have a gun to their heads.

Robert Treacy says:

This movie feels like an extended SNL sketch.

Serasia says:

I saw destruction in their eyes….

babakht says:

two questions:
how could this piece of shit cost 20 million dollars? and how the ever loving fuck did it get 6.5 on imdb?

Robert Treacy says:

7:38 That guy brought Thomas the Tank Engine to the US? So he brought one the best children's shows and one of the worst (Telletubies) to the US.

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