Christopher Robin Movie Review

Christopher Robin Movie Review

Christopher Robin is a much-needed movie in today’s time. This movie will make you laugh and cry. Find out why in my Christopher Robin Movie Review!



Joey Clark says:

Phenomenal review, short and to the point! Thanks for that personal story definitely added an extra touch keep up the great work!

BAM Movie Reviews says:

Another great review! So excited to see this one myself!! Enjoyed the video as always!

owill003 says:

The movie was funny and so cute! I I didn't expect it to be that funny. Eeyore was so funny to me, all of them were. Def brought back childhood memories about Winnie the Pooh and characters. I fell asleep though in the beginning because it was a slow start but it picked up afterwhile. Definitely a great message for children and adults. Good movie and it is worth paying for it.

Sidebar…poor Pooh bear getting mauled by your dog!!! How sad but funny at the same time lol! Your dog was hella territorial and jacked him up!!! Lol!!! Love your story girlie. 😄


Lmao at the jealous dog story. He was not feeling the pooh bear, lol.

Sofoklis Margaritis says:

Great review!! Cannot wait to see it!!! Greetings from Greece

James Womack says:

Nice review Sharronda 😉 gonna see that & Spy Who Dumped Me this evening hoping for some viewing satisfaction. Outside of Ant-Man and The Wasp, Three Identical Strangers, & Whitney, I have been either disappointed or not big on all the films I've seen in July smh

BooBop1987 says:

Nice Review!

Token Dave says:

I never understood Poohs appeal he always came off slow to me but I did love the 100 ache wood characters. I also loved your Whinnie the Pooh story.
Eeyore stole the show YES!!!

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