Christopher Robin – Movie Review

Christopher Robin – Movie Review

In my newest unscripted review, I discuss formative artistic experiences, and how the fundamental core of Disney’s live-action Winnie The Pooh story wound up as one of my favourite films of 2018!

(NOTE: I misspoke saying it was Jim Gaffigan as the voice of Pooh – it really is Jim Cummings, my mistake – sorry!)



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Christopher Robin – Family/Adventure – Movie Review

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HoundSyrup says:

A critic who can admit a bias is a critic I will watch for years to come.

Jason Guarnieri says:

Jim Gaffigan? Really? Voltorb must be sleeping on the job if he let a mistake like that slip by.

Kitea says:

I loved this movie!!

Sam Feldstein says:

Has Mark ever given a perfect 10 in any of his movie reviews?

taveon timmons says:

I was already looking forward to seeing this movie, so seeing it get a high score from you makes me even more excited.

Swan lee says:

Also fire review (especially the preamble)

Swan lee says:

I love Winnie the pooh probably going to watch this movie like 3 tomes

Yankee Fan101 says:

Does Ewan say Hello There in the movie? If he didn’t that would be so uncivilized.

Adrian Romero says:


HØødime says:

A 9 OUT OF 10?!! Well now I gotta go watch it!

LZ says:

Jim Gaffigan as Pooh would be hilarious, I'd pay to see Jim Gaffigan in the role of Eeyore actually

Jon Dials says:

This a 9 and MI a 6 unsubbed. Jk Luv u marky Mark

Joseph Tafur says:

Winnie The Pooh was me and my cousin chlidhood.

Brandon Croker says:

I just saw it yesterday and loved it. Growing up, I watched all of the Pooh movies and TV shows and playing several of the Pooh PC games, and this movie was a wonderful celebration of everything Winnie the Pooh.

mrmomo26 says:

Review Astroworld please!!! So much better than travis's past albums

Enric says:

Reviewing eight grade?Surprised no patreons suggested it yet

Anthony Anderson KJ says:

I've been looking forward to this for 16 years

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