Christopher Robin – Movie Review

Christopher Robin – Movie Review

Christopher Robin has grown up, but Winnie the Pooh returns to teach him the most important of lessons…. how to get through adulthood. Here’s my review of CHRISTOPHER ROBIN!




Treize Faction says:

That 'the source material' jab, classic. Well done Jeremy, keep doing you.


Jeremy is from sokma

Carlos says:

I think Winnie the Pooh needs to adapt to a more modern audience, have Christopher Robin struggle with drug addiction while trying to raise his wife's son.

Rick Boyett says:

I took my wife to see this today thinking it's something to make her happy and give me a chance to take a nap. I didn't get any sleep so I guess it was actually pretty good. I think the rating is spot on.

Kellen Brennan says:

Spoiler alert “Christopher Robin, I don’t feel so good”

Sensational Potato Man says:


Ethriel101 says:

I think the color scheme of tigger and eeyore us due to them being old snd ragged. Never was a huge winnie the pooh fan myself, although i did enjoy it. I think i got to excited about this film because i understand it better now that im older.

Excelsior32 says:

The point of the colour was to make them look a little bit older

Marcus Elixir says:

I really hope they get most of it from the source material when I finally watch this movie.

Infernagon says:

That "No Alcohol Required" Jeremy drop the bottle face always makes me crack up lmao

Rob D. says:

Anyone remember those kids books with those two frogs that go through mundane shit? I think the brown one was special

Devin Wisniewski says:

See, i knew Christopher Robin and Hook connected some how

Mae Neighbor says:

Personally, I liked the dull colors used for the animals because it gave me a Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

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