Christmas Evil – Movie Review: Christmas Horror Movie

Christmas Evil – Movie Review: Christmas Horror Movie

Christmas Evil – Movie Review: Christmas Horror Movie
You better watch out! In todays movie review we take a look at the Christmas horror movie Christmas Evil. Killer Santa is the key word here. Harry is a lonely toy factory worker who has an unhealthy obsession with Santa. He watches the children in his neighborhood, and keeping track of who has been good or bad. When Christmas Eve comes around he dresses up as Santa Claus and goes out to reward and punish. Mayhem ensues. Justin gives his movie review.

Starring: Brandon Maggart, Jeffrey DeMunn, and Dianne Hull

Directed By: Lewis Jackson

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The Grindhouse will never die.



Sharpen Up the Knives says:

Christmas Evil is a stone cold masterpiece!!@

Mark Anthony Reyes says:

Im obsessed with you

Angel Dunbar says:

Silent Night Deadly Night is my favorite.

TYTD Review says:

I only watched this film for the first time a few months back for a review I was working on at the time, but my god its a pretty demented. surprisingly few murders in the movie but it still has this unhinged vibe about it and that ending is just unbelieveable xD it should be better known than it is 🙂

Rory Belsen says:

gonna have to check this one out! never heard of it before. love all your vids

confusius says:

Wasnt this movie mentioned in one of john waters books?

Luct Melod says:

Yeah, this is one of my favs. And the ending is glorious! I'm still really partial to the original Black Christmas, too.

Jay Hi5 says:

Christmas Evil always reminded me of Silent Night,Deadly Night I'm not sure which one was better but I liked Silent Night more

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