Captain Picard as a Gay Guy

Captain Picard as a Gay Guy

Patrick Stewart in Jeffery



Marc Ziegenhain says:

Takei should be sitting next to Stewart.

Jimmy S says:

He became gay after sleeping with Q.

MegaBojan1993 says:

This is my ruined 90's childhood right there 🙁

Bruce Wayne says:

Okay captain picard is NOT gay, he's british..

John Assimakopoulos says:

Now i see where fanboys was getting at
fag haha

chiefofsages says:

I cannot watch this without laughing.  All I can see is serious Captain Picard getting his girl on.

Erk Gloom says:

not impressed

James Storey says:

Anyone seen my childhood? I think I lost it somewhere around here.

Andrew Rosner says:

I remember this movie so well….I saw this right after I came out  back in the mid-90's…Steven Weber was so cute in this movie

mssucks3462 says:

Yea..a fabulous alternate universe

TheRiskyBrothers says:

no its worse, a holodeck episode!

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