Cannibal Holocaust (1980) – Movie Review

Cannibal Holocaust (1980) – Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the horror film Cannibal Holocaust directed by Ruggero Deodato and starring Robert Kerman.
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A New York University professor returns from a rescue mission to the Amazon rainforest with the footage shot by a lost team of documentarians who were making a film about the area’s local cannibal tribes.


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spidervenom14 says:

Too bad they did not kill more animals in this movie, haha!


I thought the soundtrack was a huge standout in the film, it was personally my favorite part of it. And of course they did not need the animal brutality, the tarantula and snake could've easily been done with props but not so much with he turtle, the film could've easily done without the turtle scene but that kept the realism. After watching the film I got really sick (I don't know why) and now whenever I hear the theme song I get sick, maybe it's because when I hear it that type of imagery is put into my head and it stays there for a few hours, it's kind of like what h appended to me and meat loaf's bat out of hell, it got stuck in my head for so long and bad I couldn't even get to sleep and when I finally did I was woken up after being hit in the chin really hard and I still don't know how it happened. But anyway cannibal holocaust is a pretty solid film and I don't recommend watching it.

Infinite Sky says:

This film is an abomination, absolutely repulsive

Tabby O says:

Honestly i got bored of the story and just skipped to all the gory scenes

SMARK smark says:

the rape was the most disturbing part

Bonzo Bear says:

Why is the turtle everyone's concern? The Coatimundi was the worst part because they didn't give it a quick death. They practically sliced it through the side of the head twice when they could've easily broke its neck or at least decapitated it like the turtle.

Toasty McGee says:

That turtle thing is so fucked up. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU HARM A TURTLE.

Patrick Wojciechowski says:

Yes, I agree with this rating, but I like the new and improved, ("The Green Inferno") BETTER!!!!!!

tech cunt here says:

I love the horror and shock genre but I'm just so put off about graphic rape scenes. I wish I could appreciate more films and their meanings but the rape scenes (plus the animal abuse in this case) just ruin everything for me.

Desire Resources says:

I did like the review of "the void".. but the review of cannibal holocaust makes me feel that quality of this review was affected by the generation gap between the film and the reviewers.. sorry to say they were not up to this film.. it was like teenagers talking about WWI.. the movie was trivialized way too much… no respect for such a classic movie!


This movie fucked with me.

Bombenhagel 666 says:

I remember back when I was in a band we wrote a song about this film and had some complaints from fans after watching it who questioned how in the hell we were able to sit through it

quantum Entangle says:

Kill real animals, the rest are fake, and looks real.

TheRealViddyD33 says:

They want the American filmmakers to seem evil by having them torture and kill animals. They achieve this footage by…actually torturing and killing animals. Yeah, real creative and not hypocritical at all.

Chidiogo Onoh says:

Animal cruelty? Wtf animals die everyday by the millions so you can eat fucking McDonalds. These people killed a turtle and ate it. It'd be animal cruelty if the animals weren't killed for food.

Manuel K says:

I hope every person that says they can't watch becouse of the animals killed are vegan… if not that is hypocrisy at its best… dumb people

R J Macready says:

Many comments here on the animal cruelty such as the pig being shot. Is it just as bad if the pig is eaten later rather than just being discarded?


Who cares if they killed animals, they were all eaten and killed just like any other animal

Jeremy Murray says:

You guys can review this film based on its intelligence and social commentary without appearing so freakin' creepy. You don't even think the rapey factor of the movie is a big issue. Uggh.

Char13285 says:

i must just not have good taste in movies because what i wanted out of this movie was something that was going to scar me and have flashbacks to for weeks but it did almost nothing for me.

Rayn Wolfsbane says:

This would be a great double-bill with Salo. The most disgusting horror movies ever made.

Tricia Guzman-Moreno says:

It's a good representation of America's impact on South American culture and politics.

Kenny Guffey says:

4:40 can u link me to that entire scene

vanduser10 says:

Movie was crap. Heard forever how messed up this film was and when I watch it I was let down. Or relieved not sure yet. Killing animals was the worst part which isn't that bad. Especially if you eat them. Part of life.

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