Calling All Engines Movie Review

Calling All Engines Movie Review

My mistake, I was suppose to say that Blue Mountain Mystery was better than Calling All Engines. I quite like mountain mystery, certainly more than this pile of awful



Andrew meredith says:

9:25 R.I.P anyone watching this who's name is Stanley

Edward Douglas Duck boco says:

It is a dream with lady dud

Nigel Uno says:

This is my favorite Thomas special, but I respect you're opinion

Chillytid says:

magic railroad isnt canon

tanjoy0205 says:

i liked the movie

Enchanting Element says:

I love ❤️ this

DJThomasAnd Friends says:

I love Calling All Engines for nostalgic reasons

spongebob plush channel Tan says:

But I like calling all engine I think it's cool

USA ball says:

Calling all engines: lets screw up our storyline, then say its not cannon when it really is.
Fans: it suks
3-4 year old fans: i love this

USA ball says:

At least its better then what we get today, nowadays the things are only meant fornchildren, and i want my parents to watch a thomas movie thats meant for all ages, you can only acdomplish that in the older movies

Melissa Hess says:

It is not as bad

Jock the Miniature engine says:

Plus The magic railroad wasn't cannon which means everything in the movie didn't happen

Jock the Miniature engine says:

Do 5 facts about lady and the plot was to work together and It special because Lady was in it

Info Chan says:

If only magic railroad did better so this would never exist

Tyler says:

"I remember when i was little…" you are little

Splendid red engine number 9 says:

I love calling all engines

Ayden & Friends says:

Hey William, your magic railroad movie review is blocked in my country. Can you reupload it?

Trainmaster16 says:

I cant find the tatmr review I really want to see it

JLS TV says:

Am I the only one that noticed that the dream sequences can be a bit dark?

skyallnatural says:

Calling All Engines is one of my top 5 favorite Thomas movies

Espeon the Edward Fan says:

Hey Viewers, let's learn how to find Mavis. Oh is she there? Nope. Is she over there? NOPE. Is she over there NOPE? Is she over there? GOD DAMMIT NO!!!!

Dman Cluster says:

I kinda thought Calling All Engines was sub-par. But, I'd probably watch it over Magic Railroad.

Sh N says:

Don't worry, the two specials of the 70th anniversary are on the way (traffic is murder)

Cool car 161 says:

Diesel 10's happy face is more scary then his evil face same thing with Arry and Bert also Splodge are an important thing to make the sense better

Thomas fan 1945 says:

Calling all engines is good?

Term _ says:

small scale Rusty was the only good thing about this movie

Maria Rodriguez says:

how can your magic railroad review not be available in US

Emerson says:

Lady is standard gauge (she shares a track with thomas in TATMR) Rusty is narrow gauge

tommy bakes says:

I like the movie

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