Call Me by Your Name: Review

Call Me by Your Name: Review

April and JTE discuss Luca Guadagnino’s coming of age film Call Me by Your Name.

April read the book and JTE doesn’t read so.. What are their thoughts?
Will it get an oscar nomination?



macattack423 says:

Thank you April, JTE… ugh you are missing the point so much

Sherborne Prometheus says:

Personally, movies are better when there's less inner monoloque. I prefer subtleties, and reading the actors' face and actions than being explained with words. That's why great performance is always important. This is why this movie works for me emotionally.

jambroqc says:

Hands down, Call Me By Your Name is possibly the best film of the decade.

BlackIrishRy says:

10/10 the film is incredible

Neha says:

Yeah, the book gives slightly more details. Oliver, in my opinion, turned out to be the weaker man because he could never fully come to terms with being in love with Elio—he justified his own decision to live a parallel life because, for all his bravado, charisma, and being temporarily okay with everything, he was not okay with himself and that is equally heartbreaking.

Pigmiwarrior says:

First I want to thank you both for reviewing this movie, especially since I doubt it's the sort of film JTE is into. Personally, I really like it so I hope more people hear about it as a result. I want to thank JTE too for pushing back with the 'show don't tell' argument. I haven't read the book but found the film deeply affecting. I'm the opposite of you April, I always avoid the book until after I've seen the film. From what I've heard a major difference between them is that in the book Elio & Oliver are bisexual whereas watching the film I got the impression they were gay. I think that distinction significantly impacts the emotional punch of the story.
When you spoke about Elio coming out, I absolutely thought it was hard for Elio to come out, what made it so beautiful were the reactions of everyone when he did. If only we lived in a world where everyone was this chill with each other.
Something else I thought was great is that there's a lot subtly going on too which I think is getting lost. The father has the most in your face scene but the mother's character & her interactions are equally powerful, yet nobody is talking about her.
I hope it does really well come award season. Although we don't agree I want to say thanks again for taking the time to review it.

neil Varma says:

Honestly I'm not a fan of the age gap but great review regardless

Ryan R. says:

The reviews for this movie are insanely positive.

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