Call Me By Your Name – Movie Review

Call Me By Your Name – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Call Me By Your Name, starring Armie Hammer, Timothée Chalamet, Michael Stuhlbarg, Amira Casar, Esther Garrel. Directed by Luca Guadagnino.



Alexis Emmanuel says:

André Aciman, the author of the book, created a story that steps away from the typical love stories. If you’re looking for a story that exposes the same things (secrecy, dangerous love triangles, unaccepting people), then CMBYN is not for you, Chris.

PD. An A- doesn’t do the film (or the book, by that matter), justice.

Alexis Emmanuel says:

The thing is that Elio and Oliver not confronting any obstacles from the outside is what makes this story unique and amazing. It focuses on the beautiful love and bonding between two people. No, Chris; adding obstacles to create drama is not necessary.

PD. I have read the book many times, and it still gets to me. Simply beautiful. Thank you, André Aciman.

Arya KP says:

Anyone who was NOT in tears by the end of the movie? ( Seriously Anyone??)

Delilah Belle says:

I have been waiting so long for this review I’m glad to see it and I’m glad he loved this film and I’m so glad he’s putting it out here for more of his audience to discover. I hope everyone is fortunate enough to watch this movie. I read the book before watching it and I was truly blown away which is recommended BUT reading it isn’t necessary. Since it won’t be playing in many places I do have a link to watch it if anyone would like it!

manjeet nirala says:

where are best movies of 2017

Mini Paste says:

“I’m going to give this an A-“

_Chris Stuckmann commented on every review in 2017

Kimmy Fangirl says:

Read the book ?

Anthony Ricci says:

Here comes some off the wall movie that all of the critics will fawn all over.

softbatch! says:

Not to say this film wasn't any good, but I just think it could have been more intense. I wanted to feel Elio's pain, desire and how lovesick he was through out the unfolding of the story, but I didn't get that until the last bit. It was kind of too much too late. I liked "A Bigger Splash" more than I liked this.

David Thaler says:

Soooooo you like being in the moment because of the film’s sidestepping traditional storytelling and lack of conventional plot devices (“the inciting incident”), but you were wishing for more of those pesky (and traditional) obstacles?

leo chung says:

It was amazing I want to watch it again and again and again
And I read the whole book within 24 hours
It is amazing

fanooch1 says:

Politically correct snooz-r-ama.

TJ says:

can someone just tell me why Oliver asks "call me by your name" ?….what is the meaning behind it?

Red Adkins says:

When is it showing in Canada??

Ryan says:

I loved the book and when I watched the movie I just felt underwhelmed. Of course the cinematography and acting is amazing but the development of the romantic relationship seemed to happen suddenly. I mean the book had so much more depth and took its time when describing Elio's feelings that when things started to happen, you knew that his feelings were reciprocated. Also the ending seemed pointless because it came out of no where and did nothing because there was no backstory. Not to compare it to other LGBT films but i feel people forget about films like moonlight which was amazing in its storytelling and depth with the ending being so much more powerful. CMBYN was a good movie i just feel conflicted that people praise this movie more than moonlight which is stupid but maybe because its more mainstream and palatable.

SCharlesDennicon says:

"Something devastatingly romantic" ? So gay, Stuckman. So gay.

sheldon williams says:

Chris you are sooooooo right. This movie was so amazingly good. The story was so real and beautiful and believable. The feeling of this film was so genuine I couldn’t take my attention away from the screen. Definitely a great movie. You feel that mystery of that is he or is he not question. And then when everything comes to light how the passion for each other was so real up to the point where you see they’re falling in love. And then to feel the heartbreak for both of them. Just bravo. Sorry for the spoilers but I had to comment on it.

Aseril says:

Pretentious, slow, boring, gay propaganda movie LMAO no thanks.

Lil Italian Aka Michael says:

This movies gay as hell

Alex Williams says:

simple movie. two horny guys during the summer having a fling. sexual chemistry but not much emotional chemistry in my opinion. B

J.J Jameson says:

Hey,maybe it's because I saw it illegally,but I didn't see a fly in the final shot,when and how was it?

Sam Lobban says:

Please review Santa buddies for Christmas

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