Call Me By Your Name | Movie Review | MovieBitches Ep 170

Call Me By Your Name | Movie Review | MovieBitches Ep 170

We review this year’s gay sensation “Call Me By Your Name.” The Luca Guadagnino directed romance features up and coming Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer and is based on the best-selling novel. While we can’t say we loved it, we certainly didn’t hate it.
-MovieBitches (Avaryl & Andrew)

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“There’s a lot of bitch in every woman, a lot in every man”
-Joan Crawford

“When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she’s a bitch”
-Bette Davis



X Z says:

You guys suck, no human feelings, no artistic sense. Just because it didn’t show the sexual scenes you want, it only showed true love and true feelings, you can’t understand. The music is almost as good as the movie. Pathetic review. You only deserve review trash.

d b says:

Can you guys review 'God's Own Country'. I just finished watching it and I loved it way more than Call Me By Your Name.

Nicholas Wilson says:

"I have thoughts" …

josh says:

I howled at Avaryl's description of Elio. The mother was the best part about this film for me, I did a head 'yass' every time she came on. I'm just not understanding the hype. It wasn't even THAT dramatic. I was half expecting the parents to disown him but they're normal and lovely.. Expected basically everything Avaryl did but there was no "gasp!" moment. A film to tease the gays tbh.

D Molina says:

And I need his shirt of the final sequence… (Obsessed)

D Molina says:

If your looking for answers and clarity in European films you are searching in the wrong part. Part of the movie is that… leaving questions without clear answers… like life.

Jordan Gower says:

As far as the "half-a-blowey(sp?)" scene, Elio was being very standoffish after their first night together and Oliver was thinking "Oh damn, did I ruin this kid?" He's testing out the water to see if Elio is still into their romance… Clearly it worked!

SkyMiller says:

damn you guys ripped this movie a new one. I just found the lack of obvious sex to be more realistic.

Ac Cc says:

It wasn't a gay movie. It was a bisexual movie. That's important, I think. And I thought they gave the homo and hetero sex even treatment. But, I could see where it wouldn't come off that way to someone else. I'm glad they didn't go with full frontal nudity, boobs aside, because it didn't need it. And I think, the missing piece that is important is that they made and 80s movie set in the 80s. It was the love story we needed in the 80s but didn't get. And they made it! Seriously, that's what I think happened. And it worked. The movie was less about wild passion than tender love, complicated by the lives both men had apart from this summer, that couldn't be overcome but were overlooked by both of them because of that tender love. Elio is the way of a younger man, who's learning and Oliver has the older man, who is trying not to let things go too far but can't help his feelings. I think the dad was possibly bi. Possibly. But it seemed more like he was accepting of love as love and could speak of it without thinking about gender. And when the statue was brought up, the dad was saying how a Farnese pope took two of the four original male statues and melted them down to make a Venus.

Jacob Usagi says:

I'm usually right there with you guys on these reviews, but this one I have to disagree! I read the whole book and watched the movie in a span of 2 days and I absolutely loved them both. The book is way better than the movie but the movie brought something different that is still beautiful. Idek how to explain how it made me feel because I've never read anything like it.

Yesitsmedaphne says:

I definitely felt like I missed something when it came to the reciprocation of feelings from Oliver, and I was getting 35 year old from the way Armie played Oliver not mid 20s grad student.

Gregg Hanson says:

soooooo stupid

Trevor Thoms says:

Well, I don’t agree with your opinion.

Landon Funderburk says:

Okay but is there a link?

Marian Elesha says:

Are we not going to talk about the FLY that kept buzzing around and landing on Ellio????
My theory is…we commonly associate flies with evil, symbolic of the devil. So, my first thought was, "is the movie telling me that homosexuality is evil?" (I thought my suspicions were confirmed with that pentagram poster on Elio's wall) but then it HIT ME LIKE A BRICK.
The movie KNOWS we ASSUME these symbolisms to be evil… just like some assume homosexuality is evil… and that's the movie's point.
It's not flaunting evil. It's slapping us in the face with our own ignorance…saying that how could a love so deep and true be evil?
TL;DR, the movie had a cool message about love and heartbreak and how society views homosexuality.
I really liked the movie! Definitely agreed with some points y'all made, but overall I enjoyed it!

designiana says:

You guys should watch 120 BPM, one of my favourite films from last year!

Sysley Tristyn says:

once you get over the fact that you will not see a romance but a coming of age movie, i think you will enjoy this film.
As for the dicks… the actors have jew heritage but maybe they are not circumsised

Gregorie Vincent says:

xD the music part omg

anon says:

So many things went over your heads, the credits were suppose to go over timothees last scene to mirror the fact that he and Oliver’s time together was so short and abrupt after finally getting together. Oliver gave him an impromptu “blowie” because elio seemed cold after they had sex so Oliver wanted to make sure elio didn’t regret anything or discover that he wasn’t into men, the inverted scene was a mistake made by editors and the director left it in, the piano music in the beginning is beautiful, zac Efron wouldn’t work you’re just horny, Armie is the perfect tall, “all American movie star” with an amazing voice to match, Luca didn’t want narration because he wanted the audience to experience the events alongside the characters without the distraction of narration… and sufjan Stevens declined the offer to narrate lol, both Timothée and Armie had a no full frontal clause in their contracts, the dad was saying that the statue that was recovered from the lake was rumored to have been made by a man to his young lover and it was later (by hadrian?) resculpted to be a voluptuous Venus b/c of gay erasure

Paul D. says:

I love it when Andrew suddenly gets amnesia when he doesn’t care for something! ????? Girl I see you.

Jo Weir says:

"I don't wanna know who the grip was while he's like crying!" omg XD

Sugardeluxe says:

I think many who actually DID appreciate this film likely experienced a similar coming of age story. If you've never had an unrequited love with a May/December dynamic I suspect it won't resonate.

I feel like many young'ish viewers who never experienced gay life pre internet don't understand that it was very much like the film in question. Lots of starts and stops. No certainties. Mixed messages and missed opportunity. None of this gay indie film quaintness with a bow nonsense that people have come to expect. Or perhaps some are just cynical unlovable hags.

I thought the film handled the subject matter honestly by not being overly sweet. I also appreciate it not being too gratuitous. Odd peach incident aside. I really can't imagine flippantly saying – oh this film wasn't (gay) pornographic enough so I didn't like it – as a critique. I mean really…

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