Call Me by Your Name Movie Review (HD)

Call Me by Your Name Movie Review (HD)

Will this romance drama be effectively emotional among its visual and auditory beauty?

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Bree Mata says:

loved the review, although when coming upon the slow pacing, the reason why that is is because during this whole summer romance Elio and Oliver did not actually begin to get together until the last couple weeks of the last month. Then making this 2 hour film and going along with this pace, it really bought out how much time they've gone on without conveying their true feeling for eachother. How much time they wasted. Dragging it out as long as they did, i think they were really just trying to bring to light how long that time for them was. Keep up the videos!

Steve Krause says:

Hey Random, I enjoyed your review and love your passion and energy. I also agree100% with you about the movie's length — they could shave 15 minutes off it and not really lose anything. Nonetheless, I liked it immensely. In fact, I saw it for the first time a couple weeks ago and can't stop thinking about it. Thanks again for your review!

Marcos Farias says:

An emotional review for an emotional movie,loved your take on,keep it up!

TJ GUMMY says:

Great review, was thinking about the comparison to moonlight the whole review and was happy you mentioned it lol
I haven't gotten the chance to see this one though, can't wait to finally see it! length is never really an issue with me in a film if its decent enough to keep me interested, which is how everyone should feel about a great movie! It should either keep you interested or get you back into it after it loses you.
The age difference in movies has never been a boundary that couldn't be passed, A similar type of situation is in a movie called Liberal Arts and had the same problem of age difference and actually acknowledged it in the film.

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