Call Me By Your Name MOVIE REVIEW

Call Me By Your Name MOVIE REVIEW

Here’s My Review on the film being considered “One of the best of 2017” involving a romance between two gentlemen in Italy. What Did I Rate It? Rocko Santana Reviews.







Louise GABA says:

You sound so passionnate about movies! its great to watch, keep going!!

Antonio Yazzie says:

A beautiful movie. Left me feeling overcome with emotion and left me thinking of nothing else for days. Enjoyed your review! There is a sequel coming in 2020

wright gregson says:

crappy, choppy irritatiing editing

Lancelot Price says:

Hi, Rocko, I totally understand your enthusiasm for this movie; it's my favourite movie, ever. Beyond favourite, I even think it's the bEst movie ever. I just heppened across your review while feeding my endless hunger for this thing, this beauty, this ecstasy. Damn' fine review, sir. Thank you.

T H says:

I really enjoyed your review!

Michael Earendil says:

I am in awe that your syntax is so crazy, yet your use of the language is brilliant. I really enjoyed your thoughts and insight!

Ruthless Goat says:

Great review of a masterpiece of love. Regards, Goat from Ruthless Reviews.

kay jay says:

Dude…wtf are you trying to say?

steamyboy69 says:

Oscar voters should let Call me By Your name win all the categories

shawn0md says:

Watched the movie and shocked by how much I was bored by it. All of the hype I was expecting a movie that would be life changing but I fell asleep twice…got through it the third time.

groundhog1140 says:

Let's play a game: let's take a shot every time he says "upon"
Solid review though 💯✊

menDude says:

You got the movie perfectly, some people think its about coming out of the closet, and it is not. Its about finding this rare and unique connection with someone, they dont really focus on the gay Thing rather than the interaction between both caracters and how painfully beautiful can Be the first love.

D.j Whitaker says:

I must say this is the 100th and I don't know what review I have actually clicked on and the 4th I have actually set and listen to not that I cannot take the criticism and whatever else comes along negative about this movie that I seem to love so much and have not even seen yet LOL that's only because it has not made it to my area yet .. But I just wanted to say you did a terrific job. On your perception of the characters the actors and so on .. the whole movie in general I loved your review

nickoli singh says:

a beautiful review this movie was amazing and very different to me in the way his parents handled and addressed sexuality,i enjoyed this film and your review

John Canino says:

This review was an absolute pleasure watch. You absolutely get it, and I really appreciate it. Thank you.

Aunt Vesuvi says:

💜 Thank you for your thoughtful analysis, Rocko!

mflibertine says:

A fair and cohesive review
For me , it is my favorite of the year and in actual fact one of my all time favorites

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