Call Me By Your Name – Movie REVIEW

Call Me By Your Name – Movie REVIEW


Ren Vieira reviews Call Me By Your Name, directed by Luca Guadagnino and written by James Ivory. Starring Armie Hammer, Timothée Chalamet, Michael Stuhlbarg, Amira Casar and Esther Garrel. Based on the book of the same name by André Aciman.



MARIMO says:

Totally agree. Love this film

Ruthless Goat says:

I loved your review and loved this movie. It was a moving powerhouse of a film. I have always liked Armie Hammer, but this is by far his best effort. What can I say about Timothee Chalamet? I was going to give my vote for Best Actor to Oldman, but now I just don't know. The sensuous scenes between the two were so natural and effortless that I was convinced that I was a fly on the wall (oh, those flies in this movie!) in real life. I'm so glad I caught this one. 10.0/10.0 with the Goatesians Seal of Approval. Regards, Goat from Ruthless Reviews. My review will be up soon.

R Montena says:

thank you for this review. I have watched 3 other so-called reviews tonight; the quality seems have gone right over their heads. I can't get it out of my head because it is so "real". Rare cinema. much too sophisticated for american audiences I fear.

Zach Pope says:

Finally saw this yesterday and wanted to see your review my friend and man I didn’t think I could find myself relating to it due to the subject manner but I mean WOW it is such a great story. Coming of age film told in a unique way and seriously micheal stulhberg was snubbed that last speech he gives was easily the one thing that made this film a 100 percent for me that last moment kept the film and hits everyone so hard. But Arnie hammer especially as well was snubbed would of gotten them both an Oscar nomination

Jeremy French says:

Great review man, keep it up!

Robert Royal says:

I saw this film tonight and it is on of my Favorite movies of all time.

Robert Hoover says:

Excellent review! Your wrap up gave me goosebumps.

haha says:

Great review!!

Tommy Florida says:

My favorite italian classic is Death in Venice by Luchino Visconti…

Robert Runyon says:

You have knocked your review out of the park. Oh my I want to see it again. I'll have to wait until tomorrow. I only wish you would have reviewed the adapted screenplay. It's a masterwork as well.


Spot on review and even after watching it a second time your notes made me appreciate it even more. It is a masterpiece and among my top 3 favorite romance films next to Harold and Maude. I found the soundtrack elevated it in the same way that Cat Stephens soundtrack elevated Harold and Maude. It was so transporting and is a cinema treasure!

mibello aleman says:

The screenplay was NOT written by the director, it was written by James Ivory.

Mariam Shotadze says:

Good review!!!!!! Color grading is really great!!!!!!!!!!! Movie shot by 1 lens. Reminded me both Antonioni and Bertolucci masterpieces, as well as French new wave movies.

DJVictorCheng says:

Saw it yesterday and can't stop thinking about it. I'll have to go watch it again, that's how much I love it. btw, The book is great too.

Evie Diane says:

What a great review! So happy you were able to appreciate all the beautiful details and everything that makes it so fantastic. Best of 2017 FOR SURE.

Luis Perez says:

Brilliant film. Saw it last night!!

Riri Airi says:

The director didn't write the script, it was written by James Ivory. Please note.

Neha says:

This movie is so beautiful because rarely do we get to experience love in all its rawness and vulnerability onscreen without any external antagonists.

jambroqc says:

The movie is sublime!

Bu Pias says:

Can't wait to see I bet I'll have to wait till next year, but I really could use a simple love story for inspiration right now!! <3

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