Call Me By Your Name – Movie Review

Call Me By Your Name – Movie Review

Here’s my review of the movie, Call Me By Your Name. This movie stars Armie Hammer, Timothee Chalamet, Michael Stuhlbarg and Amira Casar. This movie is directed by: Luca Guadagnino.

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Heather Banks says:

I am rooting for this for best picture. This will stick with me for a really long time. As far as the two roles, they just required different things. Eleo was more of a primal horny 17 year old kid lol were as Oliver stayed more subdued which shows a little more craftsmanship.

haha says:

Great review

benjamin salcedo says:

Pedophilia in disguise…from Pervwood

mibello aleman says:

Jay, I finally saw this exquisite film and it is everything you said! Not since "Under the Tuscan Sun" has there been a more beautiful film than this, albeit this film has more depth and soul than "Under the Tuscan Sun." It feels more true to reality, especially as it reminded me of my experiences of summers in bella Italia. The pain of first love and lost is so eloquently and beautifully showcased in this gorgeously filmed story. I knew immediately when I first saw a video of this film that it was partially filmed in Sirmione and I was right when I saw the beautiful acropolis of Tiberius' villa there (the professor mentioned it was Sirmione – a place that is painfully beautiful among so many in bella Italia). Thank you again for your wonderful review!

Jason Mata says:

Awesome Review! Loved the movie also.

Cool girl 123 says:

So many Oscar contenders.

A.D.S.F says:

my god! this movie was so fucking boring !!!! i'll rank this shit in the worst movies of the year with the emoji movie and star wars the last jedi .. i dont realy care what everyone else said about it ..& i loved moonlight and milk and la vie d'adele is one of my best movies ever !

stu wilks says:

Armie Hammer was very good but Timothy Chalamet was spellbinding in it! He gave one of the most natural performances in recent cinema. He didn't play Elio, he WAS Elio. Have to 100% disagree with you on this.

mibello aleman says:

Love your knowledgeable review! Although I haven't seen the film yet, from all the videos on it that I have seen, it appears that this is an awesome, Oscar worthy film for many categories, especially the haunting music by Sufjan Steven (gorgeous music), great director, EXQUISITE cinematography (love when the gorgeous Greek statue is pull from the depths of the sea), the actors, their chemistry, and other categories. But you nailed it with your full knowledge of the film – the way a review should be. Best review! Thanks for it!

jambroqc says:

Love love this movie!

Eldaphones Lopez says:

What a fantastic movie, each and every thing is perfect. In my life this is the one movie 100% I like.

M A K O says:

I hear that peach really gets it- how was the peaches performance?

Robert MacAnthony says:

? "Call Me By Your Name" #GayMovie was AWESOME!!
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lMDb Pro says:

? "Call Me By Your Name" #GayMovie was AWESOME!!
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Evie Diane says:

Awesome review! So happy you loved it as much as I did. And I agree with you in every aspect, except that imo Timothée carried the film on his shoulders pretty much the entire time. Armie is great, but Chalamet is the star here.

Russell Cooper says:

Sooooooo, did you like the movie?

Maldini88 says:

Hi Jay could you do a ranking on the Dwayne Johnson movies or the WWE studio movies to satisfy my skck curiosity?

C. Edward Martin says:

where's CMBYN playing?

jestina Thomas says:

I loved it amazing

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