Call Me By Your Name – Movie Review

Call Me By Your Name – Movie Review

Review for Call Me By Your Name by Jason Escamilla. This film stars Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer. Directed by Luca Guadagnino. Based on the novel by André Aciman. This review is spoiler-free.

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magnvss says:

This movie is not graphic when you put it into perspective. You have plenty of graphic movies out there, on the top the violent ones, followed by those where sex is quite more explicit than this one (Americans seem to be so traumatized by nudity and sex compared to West Europeans). Of course the valuation also depends on the country-culture-group-religion-fears etcetera of each person; in Egypt you can not show a kiss on the lips not even between a man and a woman (and of course sex is totally out of the question and it can only be implied very indirectly among married couples and only in the boldest movies). Some conservatives in the USA could consider graphic a kiss between two guys. Also, the pacing may be slow compared to American standards, no so much (not at all in reality) by European ones.

JesusSavedJoshua says:

Save your me by your name is garbage.

Maria Elena says:

Saw this moving….yup its everything you said and a bag of chips. I'd see it again and again and would cry all over, like it was my first time watching…..

mibello aleman says:

You say that there were parts of it that were slow, you mean as slow as you speak? Seriously dude, not all films have to be in hyper speed! European films are usually very intelligent films that run their course in order to unfold the story without all the American high speed and blasting noises. Think of it this way, treat yourself to "A Room With a View," by the same screenwriter as this film and you'll say it is slow (I first thought so first time I saw it), but give it a chance and let the story unfold, not to mention the exquisite cinematography, and you will like it, IMHO.

vince Brock says:

that movie cause my eyes to get wet :'( great review! keep it up

aussieskates says:

I went into this film with very high hopes. But for some reason I still can't quite put my finger on, for me, it was only okay.

Maybe it is my age, but I connected more with Elio's dad. Particularly, after his powerful speech in the closing minutes of the film.

Jean Kennedy says:

The Italian director lets the story unfold gradually, in the European style, and was trying to convey the feeling of a hot, lazy, languid summer, when it seems like there's lots of time — until suddenly there isn't.

Many Europeans laugh at American movies, where it seems there has to be non-stop action, with a loud noise or a bright light every few seconds, or the audience will "get bored". MANY American movies look like they were made for people with very short attention spans. European movies are more likely to take the time to establish characters and places — not just show frantic action every minute of its length.

IMO, there wasn't a single shot or sequence in this beautiful movie that didn't suit the story perfectly. It was a classic.

Gary J Fry says:

I was living in my car on my own at 17 years old. Some people are getting WAY to uptight about the age thing !

Hanzel Perral says:

Age of consent in Italy is 14…. There's no predatory stuff going on this movie….Beautifully done….very honest….

Astronomical 1 says:

17 y/o with a older man… seems like too much like a child predator…. im out on this movie

Movie Files says:

Great review, I've nothing but great things about this movie. Excited to see it, big fan of Armie Hammer! Another awesome review!

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