Call Me By Your Name movie review

Call Me By Your Name movie review

If you’re into Moonlight, you’ll love this year’s Call Me By Your Name. Jakob reviews.



Moovvie Official says:

Probably the best Lgbt movie of the year, i love how this movie covered so many layers other than two guys falling in love. That monologue that elio had with his dad really got me, probably one of the best performances in movies.

haha says:

Wonderful review!!

Sheila Isaac says:

I haven't seen the movie yet but you convinced me to go and see it.

Richard Ross says:

I cant stop watching this film. the music kills me every time. Especially visions of Gideon. and i demand a continuation of the story. Elio and Oliver become one. I just want to hug Elio at the end.

contagieux says:

Great review. It's nice to hear such positive things about a film. I've seen the movie 3 times now and I'm gutted every time. Even if it doesn't win the many awards it deserves, the film is a masterpiece. I hope it will be seen by many for years to come.

Jakob Kolness says:

Review Editing Error: (cough, Kendall): I say that I was a big fan of A Bigger Splash and THEN I say (and this was cut out) I also like I Am Love (which is the first film of his that Id seen, not A Bigger Splash).

Am I going to have to edit my own reviews from now on? ?

With my POS laptop, no I am not. lol

John Canino says:

I haven't seen it yet, it's not here until 19 Jan, but I really loved your review.

curioussebastian says:

It's sad who ever wrote the description for this review has such a limited film vernacular that they have to compare a 2017 queer film with a 2016 queer film.

VariahR says:

I envy you so much!! Cmbyn will be released mid january in Brazil. Nice review! Loved Ralph Fiennes in a Bigger Splash too (the karaoke scene especially)

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