Call Me By Your Name | Movie Review

Call Me By Your Name | Movie Review

I appreciated the film quality and the acting but the story meandered in superficial courtship for too long without delivering actual connection. It was all foreplay and no action. Perhaps the sequel will make this film more appealing to me in the future.
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Issah Nalzaro says:

This review draggggggged

Amber146 says:

As a bisexual woman my relationships with women dont have an extra queerness factor beyond that we are both women. Its refeshing to have a same sex relationship portrayed as what it is a relationship. Im not sure how a same sex couple can be more queer without relying on straight loved queer stereotypes.

Listen Music says:

Right when you say, "I think this should have happened in the movie" – you become irrelevant as a critic of any kind. Hope you studied criticism in college to know this very point. LMAO, loser…

Mezzotenor says:

What an overlong, blathering review. Write a script next time.

archraskal says:

The reviewer and many of those commenting on this thread keep using the word "queer." Stop it already! I know the reasons behind it, but you all should ignore them
It's most unimpressive. In fact, it's cringeworthy. Whatever compels you use it to identify other- than straight people make every effort to resist it.

Igotgame911 says:

I am just trying to figure out what you mean by "queer element missing'. Could you define that?

Onni Härkönen says:

what a fucking dumbass

Ryan R. says:

Gives Moonlight an A+, but gives this movie a C! Lol, this movie is lightyears better than whatever the hell Moonlight was trying to say.

Cinemaniáticos Movie says:

Esperas secuela de esta mierda?!?!?! Por favor!!!

chrisstrangefunky says:

whaaat, I absolutely loved this movie Alachia, im so suprised U didnt <3

Moses Lawson says:

Do Annihilation next! I just watched it and have no idea how to feel about it and I needs your thoughts on this film like RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Inkand Celluloid says:

I don’t like saying this, but it’s clear you didn’t understand this movie.

Adrian Mendoza says:

Thank You! You are exactly right on in this review of the film. I liked the movie but I was frustrated that we did not see the love scene!

CarSVernon says:

so, like dirty dancing?

Yee Shi says:

I agree that the plot is not that good…

teddybear618 says:

What the heck is a queer romance?

joel1975 says:

This movie sounds boring.

James Seaford says:

Probably a bit too confronting for the average Marvel fan-boy.

TheEpicBros247 says:

I have no idea how anyone could say one bad word about this film. truly is a masterpiece and a movie that will be watched for years and years whereas other Oscar nominated ones will not.

dm Lindener says:

And the the worst villain of all is time. Time both guys do not have. Time is a bitch

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