Call Me by Your Name – Movie Review

Call Me by Your Name – Movie Review

Not the sort of film that I would normally see, but definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in something that is both different and also very good

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lumina orchis says:

The film was deliberately paced. I wasn’t checking my watch or phone- I couldn’t take my eyes off the movie screen.

lumina orchis says:

I absolutely LOVED this movie! It’s the best gay romance film since Brokeback Mountain.

I have never really wanted a sequel to a dramatic/independent movie before- until now. Apparently the novel doesn’t end where the film ends; it continues and picks up with Elio and Oliver 15-20 years later.

Mike M. says:

Hey Ben,

I think that the movie needs the time to build the charakters of Elio and Oliver up. So it would be not good when the movie would be 20 minutes shorter. Of course the pace is slow, but this is not a problem. I have more issues with the time in the movie. It is sometimes not comprehensibly what time is it in the movie. The story is about 6 weeks in the movie. 6 weeks are such long, but I can't say often, how many days or weeks are gone at this moment in the movie. Because the love-situation is of course a process which goes over a period of time. So TIME is a important think.

But at the end I feel the same way you do. 🙂

WolfGuy says:

Saw the movie with my boyfriend and wow it was amazing the dad scene made me cry. It was a beautiful movie

anon says:

You sound like John Oliver lol

courcour says:

one of the best films I have ever seen! and that's saying quite a lot. can't wait to see it again.

Scott Sullivan says:

Nice review!! One thing I recommend for you is switching up that intro. It’s confusing for people watching your videos for the first time and it’s way too long. Keep intros to 3-4 seconds

curioussebastian says:

What could be shown to make the audience uncomfortable? What are you talking about?

Kolohe N7 says:

i love the film…best time i had in a cinema in years…i had a different feeling tho…by the time the film ended i wanted to see more!!!..i wouldnt mind spending another hour there just watching more of these characters….at least we´re getting a sequel in 2020

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