Call Me By Your Name – Movie Review!

Call Me By Your Name – Movie Review!

We had a lot of deep (and silly) thoughts on the new film “Call Me By Your Name”.

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Both of us:
Matt Steele:
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Matt Palmer:
Matt Steele:
Both of Us:

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Sbudre says:

You guys are lovely

Lori Torres says:

9:24 lmao

Hector Lugo says:


ceres090 says:

The Mini review of Brokeback Mountain in the middle of this video is to die for!

0g0c0b0 says:

OMG Yes, Ive watched both CMBYN and "mother!" this week too!

SAM says:

i personally loved the movie and definitely have different opinions about it, but i laughed so hard watching your review like i can see your pov and at some points i thought damn ur right and the way i fuckin screamed when u said “timothée chalamet at some point says ‘wHo cOULdnT fALL in loVe wITh tHis Guy???’ and youre like i get it youre straight congratulations” lmfaooo

archraskal says:

Two Gay Matts
You guys need to change your channel name to, "Two Flaming Matts. The "Gay" is misleading because it's much too general. If you're going to come across as a couple of
campy guys that are a throwback to stereotypes from earlier era, this would only make sense .It would also draw people who are into what you have to offer to your channel.
You probably want subscribers who would respond favorably to you. What you have now is the equivalent of calling yourselves "Two Guys Named Matt." Learn to sell yourself.

Haven161 says:

Ok I loved this movie but i was still dying throughout the whole review. Lol

marecku21 says:

Two total idiots who do not seem to know much about film at all. YEECH!!!

David Thaler says:

Oh look…words of wisdom and insight from Generation MDM-gay. Gurlzzz, what you need is to fall in love for the first time, get your heart broken, and THEN watch this movie. Maybe then, you’ll appreciate it more—in particular how Chalamet’s character is a music prodigy, and that Chalamet himself arrived in Italy six weeks early to LEARN how to play that piano music.

BTW, how many Oscars were you nominated for at age 22?

Robert Gunnlaugsson says:

You should experience the book. It is told from the (inside-the-head) point of view of 17 year old Elio. Talk about drama, you get to see just how near-crazy the character's emotional swings are… very much like a 17 year-old. The drama that Elio creates in his head as he waits for Oliver to come back to the villa and the stories he builds about what Oliver MUST be doing while he's out are a little irritating but they definitely let you know of how conflicted Elio is about himself and his relationship to the world.

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