Call Me By Your Name – Movie Review

Call Me By Your Name –  Movie Review

JustinWatchesMovies movie review of Call Me By Your Name directed by Luca Guadagnino starring Armie Hammer, Timothee Chalamet, and Michael Stuhlbarg

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JustinWatchesMovies says:

To the person who disliked this instantly, thanks for the view and enjoy the holidays!

mibello aleman says:

Nice review but Italy is a country (not a town or city). It's the most beautiful one in the world. Measured by the enormity of monuments, sites, history, and culture it is painfully beautiful. Maybe you should check out the exquisite acropolis of Tiberius' villa as seen in the film in Sirmione near Crema where most of the filming was done (where the director lives). I can vouch for the immense majestic beauty of Italy since I've been there many times. The filming of this movie there makes the location a major part of the film, as well as the beautiful story line. Try to pronounce Elio's name correctly. Otherwise, a nice review.

Kelly Amon says:

The end of the book is different and heartbreaking in a very different way. They're talking about making a sequel in a couple years so you may want to check out the book again…

Italy's a country btw, not a city 😉

marisdc says:

Great review 🙂 I just saw it for the second time and was blown away yet again! I also loved the ending of the movie and it was perfect for the film, but the book actually has a very different ending! It keeps going about 50 pages past where the movie stopped so I'd recommend finishing it for a different but still great experience 🙂

LC Screen Talk says:

Amazing review! I legitimately can't stop thinking about this movie since leaving the theater. I need to watch it again haha But from a film-making stand-point it's nearly flawless. But yes, that ending was PERFECT.

Everything Movies says:

I loved this movie

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