Call Me By Your Name Changed My Life

Call Me By Your Name Changed My Life

Watching the film made emotional, pretty sure a lot of you did as well. It made me cry and come forward to the person that I really am to the people that I love. I am forever grateful for this film.

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Joanne Era says:

The power of cinema tho. <3 God Bless to you. and may the film win a lot of OSCARS this March!!!

Randall Griffey says:

Thanks for sharing your experience. Follow the father's advice at the end, of the film, though it's difficult to do.

Greg Ropp says:

Thank you for such a real, honest and emotional testimony! The film was indeed powerful and I hope it changes more lives. Bravo!

SuaveLlaveBlog says:

The film is just so genuine and positive, that's why I've gotten very attached to it. It focused so much on natural attraction, it had some shock value but not where it made it unwatchable. With all the interviews and campaign that Timmy and Armie are doing for the film they seem to be very happy and proud of the film, as they should be. I didn't mean this to sound like a cry for help but it was just such a touching story.

jamieandclairefraser says:

Omg you made me tear up! Such a heartfelt review about a truly stunning movie. Hugs to you <3

fairyysalad says:

keep your heart open man, dont give up. everyone has a person waiting for them.

Tim Schraw says:

I started tearing up as Elio & Oliver's emotional connection grew and I had to quiet my sobs when Elio's father gave his monologue near the end. I'm still crying a week later. This film has impacted me more than I thought any movie could. The beautiful messages in the film come through so clearly because there is not a lot of noise to distract from them. Life is short. Seize the day. Love is all that matters!!!

No Kyungsoo No Life says:

yo same…this movie literally wrecked me….i couldn't stop sobbin like a bitch….the book pretty much shattered my insides…with Elio's last statements…I'm 18, first year in uni….and to this day i still haven't had the courage to come out to anyone…I've dated 2 girls before…and it just makes me feel fucking terrible that I wasn't 100% with them in the relationship…like i pretty much wasted their time……cuz the whole time i was in love with my goddamn best friend….now i'm just stuck in the middle of should i wait for him???….or should i man the fuck up and make the first step to get what i want…
I hope you find what you're looking for, and stay positive…2018 so many possibilities!!

Bruce Lewis says:

Your reaction is probably what the filmmakers and actors wanted. Great art is supposed to make our lives better.

Fandom Trash says:

Don’t worry about not having a summer romance – many did not either – I definitely did not. Well done for coming out to your mum – I’m sure it was scary but you did it. You seem like a sweet guy and so I’m sure you will find love.

Goodie Andy says:

I came across your video by accident. I feel so sad after watching your testimonial. I hope you find the love of your life in the not distant future.

I myself was very sad after watching the movie too. I am 18 years old and this is the very first time in my life that I have cried after watching a movie

Pablo Horteg says:

I found it to be quite joyful and romantic. A real celebration of young love, warts and all. I found Moonlight to be much sadder.

Hung Nguyen says:

I wish you luck in finding love in your life. Sometimes love comes when it's least expected. Just keep your eye and heart open.

Ruth Hope says:

I read the book on a Wednesday and saw the movie that Saturday. Between Wednesday and Saturday I broke down crying just at memories of the book hitting me during the day at least once a day… Then I saw the movie. I saw it with my mom. I started crying in the theater, and cried all the way through downtown Seattle on the way to our car a few blocks away. I highly recommend you read the book. It gives so much detail to Elio's internal struggle, being from the 1st person POV, and is itself such a masterpiece. I'm having my mom read it right now and she likes it so far. She loved the movie.

Hugs hugs hugs ❤️

Ruth Hope says:


Steve Sehnert says:

I wish I could give you a hug, man. I know how you feel. This is the best movie I've ever seen and here three days later, I'm still tearing up over it. I've never seen a movie that captured all the joy and heartbreak of a first love so succinctly. It would have been nice to have someone I could hug and cuddle with after watching it.

ariel dimla says:

I feel you brother. I feel you..

Tina Taylor says:

you will find someone one day don't ever give up thanks for this touching review

issemacrab says:

Hope you find the happiness of your life soon

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