C.O.P.S The Animated Series Pilot Episode review. UW+R

C.O.P.S The Animated Series Pilot Episode review. UW+R

Today on Unboxed Watched and Reviewed we stray from the extreme to take a trip down memory lane. Kids of the 80’s, this ones for you!



Nicole gomez says:

I don't watch snuff ok have a weak stomach but the way you describe it for us is much better.

Nathan Rabinowitz says:

you said you were from Iowa where are you from

Tristan Goding says:

This might be my new favorite episode!

Robo Ky says:

Ryan Reynolds was on the show Fifteen, lol, wtf.

Arkady Rex says:

Oh my god, do you have The Venture Bros?

Space Paw says:

In fact I haven't seen dic for years…Thanks for reminding me of this sad fact 🙂

John Sartin says:

Otoobach, you mind if I download some of your reviews audio and put them on a cd I own an indie label and this is just the kinda comedy we need

Andy Shumake says:

Thank you for this video!I used to watch this eating a bowl cap.chrunch.lol

Strandlund says:

Hey, nice RAYGUN T-shirt! Never would have guessed you were from Iowa.
The BOZO Show was something else. I remember watching that to see the children cry…like watching a hockey game for the fights.

designanddirection says:

Phew what a contrast from last week's anus/horror/rectoplasm/puke/Xanax fest!

hankowen99 says:

"A liberated bisexual" made me laugh a lot!

underwaterlady says:

i have this cartoon as well 😛

caligari89 says:

"I hate to sound perverted. But that's what I am."
Classic quote.

boooRatt1 says:

I do gotta say… I never thought something like this would be on here!  But, cool!

I never that I know of remember watching this cartoon… my obscure 90's cartoon I watched and liked and wish Shout Factory would release in a boxset is Sky Surfers: Strike Force… one of the 1st American ripoffs of anime! XD

Well, if you're doing not so subtlety gay old cartoons you need to do something with He-Man and She-Ra and maybe Thundercats!

boooRatt1 says:

On February 28, 2006, Shout! Factory and Sony BMG Music Entertainment released C.O.P.S.- Volume 1, a 4-disc boxset featuring the first 22 episodes on DVD in Region 1.[9] It includes concept art, storyboard-to-screen, and some of the original PSAs that were shown after the episodes. Volume 2 featuring 21 episodes was released as a Shout! Factory select title, available exclusively through their online store.[10]

In October 2010, Mill Creek Entertainment announced that they had acquired the rights to the series and would be releasing it in its entirety.[11] They subsequently released Volume 1, featuring the first 32 episodes of the series, on February 15, 2011.[12] Volume 2, featuring the remaining 33 episodes, was released on September 13, 2011.[13]

DVD Name Ep # Release Date
C.O.P.S. Volume 1 32 February 15, 2011
C.O.P.S. Volume 2 33 September 13, 2011
In both the Shout! Factory and Mill Creek Entertainment volume 1 sets, Part 1 of "The Case of C.O.P.S. File #1" has the two introduction scenes of Highway and Sundown excised from the episode. The three-episode DVD single, C.O.P.S.—Fighting Crime in a Future Time, released by Sterling on November 13, 2003, does have the footage, however.[original research?]

In some markets, a 60-minute preview broadcast, possibly of one of the two-part stories, aired as early as September 9, and new episodes ran through February 20, 1989.[citation needed]

radlyrad says:

Bozo show, Rescue Rangers (were kids not supposed to notice that Gadget was blatantly not attracted to Chip or Dale?) oh, the delicious nostalgia – I hadn't even thought I watched COPS, but once you showed the intro, nope, definitely seen it, ha! Although I really haven't seen Fifteen, looks like I really missed out, lol, great review!

David Bellinger says:

I  remember watching 15 on Nickelodeon as a kid.   Some nice memories. Thanks for bringing it up!

tropix1666 says:

I seriously hope you have "Street Kids" queued up for a future review. I have been walking around singing, "They'll steal your silver and gold, and your heart too, if they can! I do…I do… I do… I do I do I do!" much to the bewilderment of, well, everybody.

William Cate says:

OMG that was very funny! Thank you i needed that, i almost died when you showed that one tranny and she really did look like Ellen Barkin.

jj hhgt says:

i thought cops was cool before but now that i know it's gay i must re-watch.  great episode!

Jason Allen says:

I loved the C.O.P.S. Toys, but hated the cartoon.

Ernst_and_Turkey says:

Nice surprise and thanks man! C.O.P.S. x Freddy 2 = Pretty confused 80's kids           
   "DIC"!!!!!! Whoa, I used to wait to change the channel just so I could say it at the same time with the announcer.   Looks like you did too.      Did we all???             Nostalgia!!           
   Is that UW+R's coolest button down shirt? Everybody's on about the tee-shirts, but c'mon.       "…and me? I'm Bulletproof Vest" said like the unclosing of a secret. Ha!

hill0ck666 says:

h Do De Do De Dooo buddy . dug the vid . cheers yo     #funwithbrainlesions  

rogaface says:

Holy shit I bought that box set a few years ago! I used to love it too, Buttons Mcboomboom was my favorite. I only made it through a couple of dvd episodes though cos the quality is not always that hot but the intro has some awesome animation in it. Can't wait to hear what you think of Reflections of Evil, too… you might actually hate it, I just hope I didn't hype it up too much for you, but the first time I saw it it blew my mind. Use caution in apprehending!

tropix1666 says:

So, is the Christopher Rage of "Fucked Up" and "Hershey's Kisses" the same famous gay porn director that did "Drive", from 1974, the story about "Arachne", a Zoltar type character that wanted to eliminate gay libido? From what I have been able to discern, he played a role in the film as well, although it is not possible to identify him because the characters all have hair.  It really is interesting, go watch "The Cinema Snob's" episode about "Drive". This could open up a whole new door to the goblin's filmography! Love your work, still think it's a crime you haven't been asked to join Channel Awesome!

CaptainIronButt says:

Was that a young Ryan Reynolds in that school show?

MrRamone420 says:

15 was a badass show full of Canadians (cause you could hear the accents) & Ryan Reynolds. COPS…..yeeeeees!!!  Hahahaha, I didn't realize that Bulletproof was on the DL. What a gay show…I love it. Excellent review buddy. I would watch the Big Boss show

Jonah Dunn says:

Oh hi puke bucket.

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