Bye Bye Man – THORGIWEEN Reactions

Bye Bye Man – THORGIWEEN Reactions

Yesterday we talked about one of the best scary movies we’ve ever seen… so it’s only fair that today we talk about one of the worst.

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Viper505repiV1 says:

"The eyes and the coins I can see."

Too bad the victims can't.

Adventure 101 says:

if you read the book can you review it pleases

Adventure 101 says:

The bye bye man was from a book of multiple stories can’t remember the name remember what it was called and they explained the dog and coins and the trains

Gothamyte says:

Spider-Man 3 is one of the best movies ever made. Emo Peter Parker is so cool! The dancing scenes are some of the greatest moments in any comic book movie ever.

The Comic Kid says:

LOL why did u even see it then

Zacharia Armstrong says:

I know bye bye man going be dump movie.

Aukie Johnson says:

Missed up scary move

DeltaPrime350 says:

Hope you can take look at the new leatherface movie and the cult of chucky movie

DeltaPrime350 says:

How bout a review on these two movies candyman and hellraiser

Tevya Smolka says:

yeah this movie was awful

Romulus Numa says:

Apparently the Bye Bye Man is an urban legend about a homeless guy that got on a train and had a dog. As far as I know that the full legend so clearly its the perfect monster for a horror movie.

Tyler Livingston says:

The reporter's wife kind of pissed me off. Not because of her character but SHE'S FAYE FUCKING DUNAWAY! She's one of the most accomplished actresses in the industry! I get working for a paycheck but Fay, please, have some respect for yourself.

Baggs says:

Bye bye man what a stupid name lol

Tyler Livingston says:

This movie has been the best comedy I saw all year.

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