Buster’s Mal Heart – MOVIE REVIEW

Buster’s Mal Heart – MOVIE REVIEW

My explained review is now up! Linked below. Check it out!

succumb to temptation –

Will Schwartz’s review of Buster’s Mal Heart, starring Rami Malek, DJ Qualls, Kate Lyn Sheil, and Lin Shaye. Directed by Sarah Adina Smith. Release date: May 23, 2017

Theme Song: ‘Me vs the Real World’ by Reid the Martian

Buster’s Mal Heart (2017) A family man’s chance encounter with a conspiracy-obsessed drifter leaves him on the run from the police and an impending event known as The Inversion.



Mottahead says:

My take on this movie and its ending :
it's an allegorical tale that utilizes Jonah and the Wale theme to develop the argument that the average Joe today is not really free, that the system actually enslaves people by limiting their prospects and preventing them from fulfilling their potential.
The fact that there's a beach and waves at the end : water and waves can be seen as metaphors for unlimited potential.
Even though there's obligations (financial, social), and the choices one makes most of the time end up limiting future developments, there's still potential for change.

Liuk says:

he was a stressed out man, going crazy because of work of course. He became mad and started thinking about conspiracies, then he decided to kill his family to follow his conspiracies "being free and out of the cicle", but as every schizophrenic person he declined the responsabilities of his delicts splitting his personality in 2 – the one who really was jonah and the unnamed man of the hotel, the killer- . Then he tried to reassemble his personalities to became one and he succeed eliminating "Buster" (the killer). That's a psychological interpretation made by myself. sorry for any grammar errors, english is not my first language.

Arif Moyal says:

Му gf rееееааааllу loоovеееes this film. Wе fоund full mоviе hееrее => https://twitter.com/c979b20355b1382d8/status/855239891520634880

zoso8thegreat says:

In spite of some logical problems I have with the film, it's thoroughly compelling, and there's certainly more to like than not to. I almost feel it would be better off having 'The Last Free Man' as real, thereby bringing more sense to the "mercilessness" that Jonah is victim to. But if it's Jonah all along (which seems to be the case), we must assume mental health is the problem being addressed. The greatest mystery about Buster is his past we are only given hints of. Is he indeed an ex-con, and how did he meet his wife? So, when did his problems REALLY start? A great film is especially one that provides more questions than answers. As I write, I keep thinking of more. Good review; nice 'inversion' effect!


I've just watched the movie and I appreciate the whole artistic element and of course the amazing acting but I'm waiting for your explanation cause I'm kinda confused

Mr. Terry says:

this movie sucked ass

trexguy says:

My apologies for my first comment, I forget that I live in a town that has the luxury of great cinemas.

trexguy says:

Fuck I tunes! If it's in a cinema, go see it!

Josh Baird says:

wow, it was exactly midnight when I finished this movie too… don't believe me? that was 4 minutes ago in new zealand. Did we cross through the second inversion?

tvettektaliam says:

Hahah the song to song cough was hilarious

WesIsaLeo says:

This film beats the tar out of "Swiss Army Man," which it somewhat resembles.

Off-beat but also sinister at times and kept me in suspense fairly often.

Nhật Tuấn says:

I watched the movie, it was mind blown

mrirurfkjsdo says:

This is the second review i looked at (both good ones), but as i said in the previous one, i'm quite surprise that none of you spoke about Stanley Kubrick inflence, which is for me so obvious (and i don't speak here specially about the hotel, corridors, etc etc).
Thx !

Leon Alim says:

waiting for the explained review. Please and thank you!

Gideon McAllistar says:

So did he kill his family and what happened at the end?

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