Bright – Movie Review

Bright – Movie Review

A Netflix movie about an Orc and a human cop duo operating in our modern world with fairy tale elements. Here’s my review of BRIGHT!

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af1rs2jl says:

So this guy is one of those asshole rotten tomatoe critics.

kevboogie says:

I wish everyone would stop giving Tarantino a pass, his movies are trash, and all they do is curse way too much in those movies I’d rather watch bright than pulp fiction.

Jason Smith says:

These “reviewers “ must be getting paid for bad reviews cause THIS MOVIE WAS FUKIN DOPE!!

Benjamin Ballard says:

I thought the movie had a nice vibe.

crazyeye15 says:

I really liked the movie. Yeah some of it kinda threw me off but it was still a fun movie. If you love fantasy
and cop movies then your going to love it. If you like one of those two things then you will still have a decent time.

Pure Pressure Producions says:

The film was great., i was sad when it ended 🙁

Johnny Boy says:

I thought this movie was really good .. why are people shitting on it??

Troy W says:

Have to disagree with you on this one… I found it enjoyable. The problems you have with this film seem much more personal preference than problems with the actual film, but that's fine, I personally didn't have the same problems. Oh and as for the F word it must have seemed organic to the characters because I didn't even notice it nor can I even really recall an instance of its use. Ya the story is not really original, there have been films in the past where magic was real like Cast a Deadly Spell ( 1991 ) but that doesn't matter and it doesn't effect my enjoyment of this film.

RedBigGamer1 says:

I want to see a sequel to this movie

imake videos says:

The only reason I know about this movie is the amazing sound track. Like this if ur the same

Neb88 says:

He directed suicide squad? Closes video…

ThatSandGuy says:

I liked this movie

marcus davenport says:

The concept was good. The movie sucked. It felt like they raised money and pitched the movie as a politically correct movie where they could push liberal ideas about police and they tried throwing that in there and forgot to write a proper story line…. Super powerful wand… and they did nothing with it despite the build up in a super long movie.

Danniel Rivera says:

hey Jeremy Jahns hey dumb ass, shut up, it was a very good movie

David Pugh says:

I believe Will Smith is one of a kind actor but this movie wasn't smart……(aka) REDBOX

David Pugh says:

You know I watched this movie I'm sorry for everyone out there that have to read this but I feel bad enough that I'm saying this over a stupid YouTube dialogue of explaining the meaning of this movie but if it really cost that much money to make this movie I rather swallow my own diarrhea

joeguy1092 says:

The movie was good Edgerton was my favorite part of the movie

TillowPalk says:

Movie was fun as hell.
And as for the complaints about cursing, they obviously have never been to south LA.

Logan W. says:

movie was honestly good

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