BRIGHT Angry Movie Review

BRIGHT Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe Reviews the $90 million Netflix Blockbuster Film BRIGHT Starring Will Smith! Is it as bad as many critics say?

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Sammy Pérez says:

I thought Poison was Key from Key and Peele

zen strata says:

If you are a Shadowrun fan, you know that you don't mess with dragons.

destroyerplayer says:

The movie was okay

wade wilson says:

The script was absolute shit. The only thing this movie had going for it was the concept. When I watch a movie, I want the characters to actually grow and learn something through the course of their adventure, I want to see the villian(s) give the hero(s) a truly hard time with either achieving their goal or creating further inner conflict… you know… like a good fucking film should do. This film FAILS to do any of that. It's just Will Smith reliving his days from Men In Black with K. If anything… this story should be a netflix series, !NOT A FILM! There's just not enough time to delve into the characters and surrounding universe and it shows. This film doesn't deserve a 7 it deserves a solid 5. It's an entertaining theme with a lot of promise but that's it.

Michael Woodall says:

Half hour review? Might as well watch the movie.

Ryan Villanueva says:

The critics love the Last Jedi. I'm pretty sure we should not be listening to them.

Mathew Boris says:

Dude, why the fuck are you disrespecting LORD OF THE RINGS by comparing it with this piece of garbage??????????

JDolande says:

Where is top and worst games of 2017?

ZeeNyteCG says:

I loved this movie so much. It was so fun. It reminds me of skyrim/Dragon age meets bad boys/end of watch/ training day.

Jefferey Bertels says:

Hey Joe google D&D races you will have your nine

DoubleDDeacon says:

I liked it a lot. I hope they make another one bc it left so many questions. It was an interesting concept.

Shifu Careaga says:

Definitely a case of where the critics have been corralled into hating it – just like Warcraft – when there is no good reason. That's why I don't trust "professional" critics.

Bright's 3rd act was weak, and got weaker at the end; but the mythos was fun, the movie was entertaining. It was NOT bad, not nearly at all. It was enjoyable enough I'd like to see more, or even a series.

Crimson blitzer says:

I liked it, medieval fantasy in modern times is something i've always found interesting.

David Abbatematteo says:

I like Bright! Some issues but overall good.

Shon East says:

"orcs replaced Mexicans and black" stfu Joe with your beaner privilege

The Chewie Channel says:

we were very harsh on joe for the suicide squad review. but last jedi review. joe is right. Its a shitty movie

Nun Pilo says:

This movie was awesome and fuck the critics

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