Book Vs. Movie: JAWS

Book Vs. Movie: JAWS

The Hiatus is over! Joined with a guest from Eastern Seas, let’s start things off with a nice PG flick…

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andre somerville says:

should have put up a warning before the nails on a chalk board scene
I would have turned down my headphones

andre somerville says:

awesome classic

Riley says:

Always love it when you upload!!

• WhereDidYouGohan • says:

I hope a shark isn’t in the toilet because I’m using one right now…

fullmetalmasify says:

Jimmy the Jaw was hilarious and I hope he sticks around.

Atticus Batten says:

Do the book thief next please

Meggy Maragon says:

Look at the time nooooow (hey!)
Grab the book,
Pop in the DVD,
Sit and enjoy the super awesome videoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


Jazzmin Miller says:

Please do Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters next. I've been waiting for that one

TheNovelistWriter says:

This is really good! I hope you do Jurassic Park next!

Axerion says:

You are so underrated, you deserve more subs

Yahrnam 918 says:

30:05 "but for the most part this book does so much justice to the book" 10/10 too much water
but seriously great to have you back katana


I still sing the lyrics to the intros!!! 👌
Hmm don't know why they're not in the intro anymore…..

Sherlock Smuuug says:

At this point I am not entirely convinced that the major is not in fact the shark in a skin-suit.

Kate Marine says:

Shave, sir, shave!

Frank Kamagwa says:

I find it funny that the shark's name is Bruce but it size make it a female

Scrambled 59 says:

Since we're currently discussing it at my school, can you do of mice and men? (There are so many versions so, you can make it a double feature if you want)

Scrambled 59 says:

Yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes! (+1000)

Acting In motion says:

Wow you grew facial hair 😱

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