Blockers – Movie Review

Blockers – Movie Review

A teen sex comedy from a slightly new angle. Here’s my review of BLOCKERS!

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Stephen King says:

Was really enjoying this movie…until the sound broke at my cinema 😪

A Fields says:

I seen it twice and I LOVE IT

Darth Plageus the Wise says:

So far, this is the most surprising movie of 2018

SSJ4VEGITO100 says:

I was a extra in this and some of the lines that was filmed and cut were not funny

Finnala's Peril says:

He did start with action. The Marine. Duuuuuuuhhhhhh Jeremy ❤️

Essential HD says:

Cena was actually good in this movie.

Larry Chu says:

This movie was ok

Charles Ovatasarn says:

I never read it as cock blockers. Just Blockers. Thought that a chicken was a logo of something in the movie. LOL

Hunter Cobb says:

I was honestly surprised. Thought it was going to be terrible but it was actually good

Ajarmetta says:

John cena needs to stick to comedy he is hilarious

Isaac Weber says:

I disagree. I thought the movie was genuine garbage.

burningphoenix36 says:

Saw this in theater as my first in theaters R movie alone today, as my 17th birthday was yesterday, not disappointed.

Chris Ramos says:

"No alcohol required" lol that's funny because I saw this movie drunk and I don't remember most of the movie

nick_98 says:

This looks so unfunny lol

Ric Rhymes says:

Movie would be better if you’re STONED!!!

Ric Rhymes says:

Duuuuuude, review for us 10 Things I Hate About You, and every other 90s teen comedy.

Elizabeth Crespo says:

Jeremy, your hair looks amazing

Mike Molcule says:

Rooster blockers?

Don The Movie Reviewer says:

American Pie use to be my $h*t.

Kashif Reza says:

12 rounds was an action film where John Cena goes up against Little finger. Guess this guy didn't see that movie

A B says:

Agree with Jeremy, Ike Barinholtz was both the funniest AND had the best serious/sentimental moments (even if they undercut it a bit with comedic breaks a few times.) Cena was funny, but he and Leslie Mann didn't feel as authentic. Ike's manic and frustrated behavior just worked. I thought it a very solid R rated comedy!

I’m Aleena Bruh says:

This movie was so funny!!! 😂

Raph Reyes says:

I've loved Ike since Mad TV

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