Bleach – Movie Review

Bleach – Movie Review

Let’s discuss the live-action adaptation of ‘Bleach’, directed by Sato Shinsuke and starring Fukushi Sota and Sugisaki Hana.


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Kokuren [HL] Aka Cops3 says:

I haven't watched the movie but I hope they made renji a very strong guy with one destination and that is to talk to rukia after like almost 50 years cause he joine dsquad 6 just because her brother is the captain of squad 6 and as a normal shinigami he coudn't speak with her at all even tho she was his childhood best friend

Dragonstorm81 says:

can't wait to see this! any idea when/where its coming to so we can watch at home or in theaters?? Im dying to see this!

Indigo Dragon71 says:

A soul reaper an angel and a hollow an alien insect that consumes its captive human host from the inside out? Angels and demons! 😞😕

Flying Kite says:

So basically cast a Kamen Rider main lead in your anime live-action adaptation and it'll be good. Worked for Kenshin. Seems to work here too. lol

Darth Sidious says:

Great review, can't wait for the movie

Lawliet Uchiha says:

Can anybody tell if Inoue had big boobs in the film.

Lawliet Uchiha says:

at least it’s better than the old Street Fighter Movie, that was TRASH!!

Kevin Kite says:

Wait, Ichigo dyes his hair in the movie? He never did that in the manga and he hates when someone thinks he does.

Delorean Motor Company says:

Unfortunately it failed in Box Office

Chances for the anime return are kinda Slim now

Yasmin Fonseca says:

I liked bleach a lot years ago but I just want to watch this movie because of the kr fourze cast, one of my fav series of the franchise

Kristopher Alonge says:



Im glad to hear good reviews for bleach it needs the support and having a live movie especially a live action anime movie thats good is hard to come by I'll have to see.this for myself good review tho man✌😁

Hayden Rollyson says:

Wait? Is Chad in it???????

Hayden Rollyson says:

Hollows are people who died but for some reason didnt cross over into soul society either due to great hatred or regret or just stayed in the human world for too long and they lose their heart, hence the black hole in their chest

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