Bleach (Live Action) – Movie Review

Bleach (Live Action) – Movie Review

#Bleach is back, and its live-action film bodes well for Soul Reapers everywhere! Check out our spoiler-free review here:

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Andrei Dela cruz says:

The thumbnail looks like samurai x

Muhammed Olatunji says:

They ruined dbz and now bleach what is this world turning to

HeroGenji says:

There's only ONE manga which don't need good special effects – Gintama. DB, Bleach, Naruto, OP, HxH, Jojo need good effects or it's gonna be shit…

And Bleach LA is shit. I dont care about actors and script, it can be perfect. When I watch video and see that shit CGI then I can't stop laugh.

Darkchief117 says:

Ah Bleach…a once beloved series until it got shitted on by its creator Kubo making it a complete joke.

Alesso Vermudi Galán says:


KingClaytonz says:

And this movie is only get good reviews because barely anyone knows about it

Mike Ljn says:

The movie has been getting rave reviews. I'm so excited about it.

KingClaytonz says:

There's a Bleach movie?????

badfoody says:

Badass CGI tho


Did this bitchh just say titty kubos

Sweet Karma says:

Loool this review is a shock lol my favourite mainstream series isn't ruined by live action?!?! Lol still going in with super low expectations

Just Ice says:


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