BLEACH live action movie discussion. Flop?

BLEACH live action movie discussion.  Flop?

In this video I give my final thoughts on the Bleach live action movie and it’s impact.

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Dee Prophet24 says:

Ima grab something from the Link us Content Creators have to keep the support up

Dee Prophet24 says:

I apreciate your perspective CowBoy this was a very Nice Video keep it up my man

Blade FTR says:

Animation would've done better

Mingy Pulls says:

Shaved cowboy

MiekoNeko Cosplay says:

I'm 29 so I'm definitely part of the older audience that followed it from the earlier days. I really hope it does get an international release so I can see it in the theater too. ;_;

DarkDan3 says:

It's looking Grim for Bleach for sure. Oh well, we tried. Believe me if I was in New York I would have bought a ticket in a heartbeat

Nicholas Lim says:

Nice haircut bro! So much better than your long hair last time XD

Pubilius Syrus says:

The 1.2 (or 1.4, seen varying figures) was actually just opening day. Still might have underperformed though.

Firby V says:

Wait CowMan,did you see the movie yet

Joel Guerra says:

I’m (STILL) Bleach! I actually like the Rukia actress, she’s cute. I really hope we get a showing here in Dallas I’ll go to it for sure! I don’t mind having to wait, I pretty much know what happened even without looking anything up it’s more of a nostalgia thing.

Christopher Mauro-Barias says:

Like Esports anime isnt respected as much in the USA as it is in other regions

Christopher Mauro-Barias says:

Lol it wasn't weebed out cuz no one gives a fuck in THE USA.

now you see that movie in japan you dam right you gotta see anime expo 2.0

Alberto Cen Zheng says:

Speaking of the peak of bleach as well as the audiences' age, here is a video I found well made.

Tobias Schöfer says:

Of corse it is flop

RegularBrian says:

I disabled ad block and clicked the link, just for you cowboy. They actually have really cool stuff there, now I need to make sure I don't spend all my money on that site.

CaLLMeDeEce says:

Sales don't = quality you're correct there but in this case higher sales could have meant better chances for anime return. If the public was still interested then they might have seen that and decided let's bring the anime back. So the poor sales isn't looking good for an anime return. I know there is still hope but the movie was one of our last chances to show the community is still there.


Almost bleach live action news years ago is just showing a bad thing and people already give up with this movie.

Just hoping for the west fans to make more profit for getting sequel and anime to comeback.

mike thimios says:

well im from Greece huge bleach fan and i dont think they will bring the movie here unfortunately so i cant buy a ticket for the movie and support it that way so….shit

PaPaJiggy says:

where is chad?

ALR SwHTx says:

0:50 it is

Abuzer Kadayıf says:

nobody cares a live action movie about the subjects which we alread saw at the first chapter of anime. if that movie was an anime movie and its subject =a new case/fight after fullbring arc before tybw arc. then it would be a signal to can anime returns, and that would make people interest. like i said, nobody cares a live actoion movie. even one piece make a live action movie right now, it's results would be same.

Rukia Tengoku says:

Were can I download or stream movie

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