BLEACH (2018) Live Action Movie Review

BLEACH (2018) Live Action Movie Review

BLEACH (2018) Live Action Movie Review!
It’s better than you THINK!

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Girl Scout says:

What no Yoruichi?!😱

Too -G says:

No yoruichi??? Gasp

SouSporting says:

This is great! With some decent advertising in the West they can do alot for the franchise.

William Golden says:

Is Chad still Mexican?

Saoud says:

How are the box office results? Thats the most important thing IMO. Glad it's good tho.

Just a guy who loves anime says:

I heard it bombed

GumGum Dude says:

Bleach live-action bombed at the box office. Even though it had a decent quality, good acting. It's petty much fucked up at this point. The movie opened with $1.21 million. It couldn't even beat the previous manga adaptation flop JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is not Crash, opening weekend was $1.4 million. Lol It's Bleach franchise after all, what else can we expect.

So heard me out fanboy, NO SEQUEL FOR YOU.

Fabiou Robinson says:

OMG this movie looks insane!!! Bro, you were so lucky to have seen it. Now I can't wait for my turn to come. And the way they changed the story without losing coherence is absolutely remarkable. Wooowwww! Thanks so much for sharing your experience.
PS: You should appear bareheaded more often, you look awesome.😉

KingAnime Rules says:

I wonder how it's gonna go when they adapt the Soul Society Arc in the Live Action

Gleek Glee says:

Are you aware of how BAD is the movie doing in Japan? Such a shame… Seeing all of this, Shueisha nor TV Tokyo would spend more money on the franchise, sadly this is probably a farewell for Bleach. I don't fucking know what japanese people want! They have bad taste and they're probably stupid…

Smarty ArtsyGN says:

Where can I see the movie? Where I live, there are no movie theaters where they play the Bleach movie. Will it get a DVD release? Based on this review, the movie really doesn't seem that bad at all.

King Zero says:

live action anime movies are always terrible…

Senpai Of Akali says:

They could add yoruichi , pff at least for a short time

YaBoyRoshi says:

Hey man where did u see it subbed? Im still out here for a couple days so if I can go watch again subbed I will. The theater at Shinagawa where I saw it had no subs

Malika Sowers says:

Dude. They show her training him in the manga. That's what they were doing at the park when Orihime got by a car. Also Ichigo is a martial artist. He never just swung his sword all Willy Nilly

Vaali says:

awesome review jaymes i really really enjoyed it keep it up man

Sonic171000 says:

I knew this movie was going to be great.

Star Platinum Za Warudo says:

the movie isn't shown in my countries, is there any online link where I can watch it first?

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