BlacKkKlansman – Movie Review

BlacKkKlansman – Movie Review

The crazy, but true story of a black police officer in 1979 who infiltrated the KKK. Here’s my review of Spike Lee’s BLACKkKLANSMAN!




Rogelio Perea says:

The ads for this movie make it look like a comedy

corbin Veltum says:

Jeremy for president

MIKE da BEE with kNOwledge says:

I thought the music matched and was dope

Ben Davis says:

That impersonation of Trump was really good…..😳

Jason Andrews says:

black and latino unemployment are at all time lows?

Tony Mcdowell says:

Yo that Donald Trump impression 🙏🏿🙏🏿💯💯💯💯😂😂😂

Gino Vincenzo says:

He got game is only spike lee movie I’ve ever liked kinda think he’s a little over rated that being said I think this movie looks awsome and can’t wait to see it .

im an alien says:

Lol Spike Lee and Jordan Peele…WHOO BUDDY it's gonna be good af

philip campos says:

Jeremy Jahns 2020? Jkjk

mekkio77 says:

What was the time gap between watching the movie and putting up this video, Jeremy? I ask because you picked up some sort of pseudo Southern accent from the movie. That's how much of an impression it placed on you.

StanHasNoPlan says:

That was an amazing Donald Trump impression. Congrats

Masked Spartan says:

Hair is on point this video

Ashley Ferus says:

Great impression! Made my night <3

serialkiller77 says:

Saw this movie a couple hours ago and its just flat out AWESOME. Been awhile since Spike Lee made a solid solid movie and this is easily his best in a long time.

Kaylee Lockheart says:

Art imitates life, and life imitates art.

Sebastian Menendez says:

“Oh hi chuck ya want some burgers?” 😂😂😂 I’m dead

Msferedrose says:

Holy crap who knew Jeremy could do such a great Trump impression!! (Also great review)

Chew Her says:

Jeremy's speech was what we needed to hear.

Adrian Vargas says:

Bro I know you fuck with psychedelics

JustPassingThrough says:

Dude this was fucking flawless. You and PhillyD need to meet up. You're both some of the most likable and objective personalities I've gotten to see.

Franco Yauri says:

His Trump impression 😂 😂

KingJason13 says:

How can someone be condemned for something he has no control over such as an asshole supporting you?

Domo Trizz says:

Also stop, because black on black crime make modern day racism a tenth of a fraction, there I said it

Domo Trizz says:

I used to think, "hey maybe if Trump was a bit more specific and shit, ppl should understand that he ain't the bad guy", yet here we are, that man can cure cancer and still be called every name in the book

StutteringCrisTop10 says:

Time to start a Patreon, Jeremy.

sweeneythom77 says:

@3:28 that was the best description I've ever heard of how Charlottesville should've been addressed by the President. Bravo. I wish you were more famous so the powers that be would hear, listen and share with a wider audience. Something like that needed to be said and since it wasn't, it's what's not said that's the most telling…Also, kudos for the fearless review!

TheGoddess AmongYou says:

He couldn't say it because he doesn't give a fuck about anyone who isn't "his people", "his constituents", or people he can use.

BS says:

Wanted to let ya know, this was in fact recommended to me through youtube, so yeah, things may be okay

said asbawi says:

Jeremy jahns is a master of impressions

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