Black Panther – Official Movie Review

Black Panther – Official Movie Review

Black Panther starring Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong’o directed by Ryan Coogler is reviewed by Alonso Duralde and Matt Atchity.

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“Black Panther” follows T’Challa who, after the events of “Captain America: Civil War,” returns home to the isolated, technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda to take his place as King. However, when an old enemy reappears on the radar, T’Challa’s mettle as King and Black Panther is tested when he is drawn into a conflict that puts the entire fate of Wakanda and the world at risk.

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Beer Me says:

Where is RedLetterMedia when you need them? #RichEvans

Thomas van Els says:

We agree there.

helrod says:

Is beard guy having a heart attack
Seriously turning red gasping for air. Eat some veg man !

NY OneLove says:

Matt made a faux pas when comparing Wakinda (sp) with our Africa . . . Unless Wakinda is a continent, Africa is not a country. . .

Dmoon1234 says:

Can't wait to see it. Glad to see strong fascinating women at the front.

moviedude22 says:

Did they bring in a token Black to "help" ?

Jama M Jama says:

holy shit! Matt got in shape. haven't seen this show in a while, clearly.

MeláhuacTv says:

I don't think non-blacks are interested in going to pay to go see this racist afrocentrist movie. Why is it an all black cast? Where is the representation? Isnt this supposed to be a multi-cultural country? This isnt africa! Do blacks think they are in their own land or their own country now? Whats up with these black peoples privilege and reverse racism? What will they want next, their own government?

If blacks want to be free to practice their reverse racism and discrimination against american people, why dont they just repatriate to their homland of africa where they belong and create their own industry?

What bothers me most is that blacks still have the nerve to run their mouths about supposedly being opressed, when in reality only white and black cultures are valued and promoted in tbis american society which is offensive and racist to all other ethnicities that make up this country.

If blacks claim to be so opressed what are they doing in america? Why dont they go do their movies in africa? If they dont see a black person in other films they are quick to complain and cry about racism, yet they are free to practice their reverse racism on others?

Tripper Harrison says:

Could have called that. Let me guess, the movie was awesome, best ever and the panel feels so righteously cultured now that they had the privilege of viewing this masterpiece !?!? Wipe your chins off , you 3 !

YouHateMe says:

Since white reviewers are terrified to give Black Panther a negative review, I don't trust a positive word they say. Such a shame that whites have buckled to blacks in this country

sanyrub says:

Bitch please I´m tired of so many monumental scores for simple MARVEL flicks. Are u serious? Each one of them I end seeing them after a while and they are just blah, one more comic book movie entry. It´s like Homecoming last year. How could some of these critics give it 9s???? LOL A piece of art or something? It was basic as hell.

Bilbo Baggins says:

Stop giving out spoilers before the movie drops!!!

Cyberdactyl says:

Funny how liberals like Christy use Trump as permission and an excuse to make racist remarks.

Jack Brown says:

I'm sure this is a good movie but here's the thing. Black Panther was made by Jews to cash in on the black panther party movement in the 60s in order to get blacks to read their comics. And also this movie is for black Americans who are removed from their African ancestry that need a mythological grip of some sort to feel something in regards to their severed roots. This isn't racist. It's reality. Actual Africans were not involved in the making of this movie behind the scenes. Nyongo and the other African actress do not count. Black Panther is a white Jewish creation peddled at vulnerable blacks in order for them to read their comics. Blacks in America are pedastalizing this movie but they fail to realize that Jews are still inventing their myths, which in this case is Black Panther. It's sad I'm the only one that sees this but I felt the need to comment. Don't be fooled by this fabricated progress. America doesn't have much time left no matter what color you are.

Tal Moore says:

The film critic from Der Sturmer didn't care for it. Go figure.

Alexander Weihmayer Hamel says:

People are praising this so much for no reason. It's ok. It's a Marvel movie. Nothing ground breaking. Just sit back and enjoy super heroes, forget about it in 2 weeks.

GinoHeadOfState079 Corelone says:

He has ebola

Dune Sandworm says:

New BollyWood!!! real lost time and money 🙁

yusef farrell says:

You guys gave out a spoiler with no warning. Why?

Alexander Forbes says:

Why'd they change the helmet?! The helmet in Civil War and seemingly the start of this movie is so much cooler than the weird one they switch to with his eyes visible half the time for some reason. Also, talking about how this movie is "important" could have been tackled in thirty seconds and then actually talked about the movie rather than what it means, acting like it's the first black superhero movie despite there being a dozen. It dominated half the review and if nothing else, ignoring the inanity of it, it's not telling the viewer what we came to hear, what the movie's like. P.S. A teenager being the most accomplished scientist in the world is plainly fucking stupid.

juan gomez says:

"The revolution will not be televised" is a Fidel Castro quote.

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