Black Panther Movie’s First Bad Review Sparks Outrage

Black Panther Movie’s First Bad Review Sparks Outrage

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Tvn Trn says:

O boy…another ARW(alt-right warrior) still mad at the black guy that stole his girl in high school

Tracey Faulkner says:

Racism, truly the sport of cowards.

mike ainsley says:

The Dark Knight 94%
Schindlers List 97%
Lawrence of Arabia 98%
Star Wars Ep IV 93%
Empire Strikes Back 94%
Unforgiven 96%
Gladiator 76%
Das Boot 98%
Citizen Kane 100%

90rashad says:

Why are white people so obsessed with black people? We're not even the same race.

wooo weee says:

Not paying for BLM the movie, even if it hilariously features an alt-right/hotep ethnostate.

Sykeba Reaves says:

I know a bad movie is a bad movie, but the white guy who gave the negative review tho???! He looks like he was made from a bottle of Elmer's Glue and popsicle sticks! #Not Surprised

Anthony Gregory says:

I don't expect everyone to like the movie. I do think the departure is delving into a more politically charged thriller. I hope its good I will be seeing it on Sat

Captain Smirk says:

Shaka Zulu (1986 TV Series) > Black panther 2018
Shaka was a bad@$$, didn't need super powers, was a better hero, & would whoop Black Panther's @#$. Better script writers too. If you want a black super hero more current & 50x better – watch Blade (1998).



Mass Appeal says:

Fk ALL of white marshmallows your mad and weak you little sissy eat ????

pendragon1 says:

isnt 3/5 still technically a positive review?! their pissed that he dared to criticize it.

Scyrex Core says:

DUDE, Trump should go watch the movie and leave a great review, I wonder how much the left will hate the movie then. bwhahahaahahaha I am evil

Limitless says:

CBD WHAT NOW? Can i rub it on my ass?

Limitless says:

I wish pink panther was a part of marvel not this shit

Arthur Roberts says:

Does Robert DJ infiltrate the country as his character from tropical thunder? This could bring the humour!

Arthur Roberts says:

Does Stark provide all the advanced technology?

Cuck Fensorship says:

That negative reviewer's gonna get shafted? I heard this cat Shaft is a bad motha-(shut yo mouf) But I'm talkin' bout Shaft!

Arthur Roberts says:

Any chance of a Muslim, Chinese or Indian superhero? Perhaps a Japanese ethnocentric hero? Sod the story! What we need is a decent sermon.

Bill Billinger says:


Chloe Rose says:

Ting ting asmr!

El Diablo Blanco says:

Kangs of Mud Huts. This movie will fail.

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