Black Panther – Movie Review

Black Panther – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Black Panther, starring Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Martin Freeman, Daniel Kaluuya, Letitia Wright, Winston Duke, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Andy Serkis. Directed by Ryan Coogler.



A Being says:

Can you review early man?

zoroastor40 says:

Chris Stuckmann your breakdown is excellent.

Tommy Ibrahim says:

I felt the film was built a lot on hype by black people which is totally fine

I saw the film.

Positives: vibrancy, the tradition, entertainment

Character development was really poor. The film was over two hours but felt shorter. You couldn't really grow with any of the characters bar Letitia Wright's character somewhat. Killmonger wasn't convincing. Just seemed too whiny in a sense where the acting didn't seem 'strong enough' and the final fight was so underwhelming. Killmonger was a very weak villian (not physically)
It felt the film was rushed because of The infinity War…

Remember the Dark Knight Rises when Bruce was broken by Bane? You saw the growth of his character, I felt Black Panther really lacked this.

I also wished they made it more 'Wakandian' in a sense where I felt when it was based in Wakanda it was really promising but when it became Western-ish, it lost the specialty to it..

The Human Spider says:

I liked it but to be honest it didn't have any "woah that was awesome" moments like other marvel films, something that gives you chills and gets you pumped up, instead there were alot of "the cg looks so bad, movement is out of place" moments.

cinewatch says:

When are we going to see an updated Blu-Ray Collection?

TORO 777 says:

Review the Mummy Series!

Tugg Speedman says:

I don't believe you people.

steelheadstalker says:

Only a B+, man you've got balls, it seems most people are afraid to say anything negative about it

Perci Constance says:

I was so hyped for this and I’m glad to say it met all my expectations

bgkid14 says:

I'm sorry Stuckmann but to me this review is being nitpicky to try to dilute from the hyp. But the hype should be believed for this movie…for me it was a A+ film

DanksterMcmemey ` says:

For, me this movie is a 6/10 (contrary to popular belief, that is not a bad score). The beginning was long and I was waiting for the conflict to intensify. I was kind of bored throughout some of the parts and I kind of wish a little was taken out. I found the jokes not the best, but still I understand it's not a comedy and some of them worked out.

I loved the villain and I understood why he did the things he did. There was so many well done, future looking things and I liked how they made the society look advanced yet in the past. The thing is that this movie has so much potential and when there is a sequel I will definitely see it. I think the sequel will end up being better but only time will tell. Overall this was a very well experience and if you want to see and fun superhero movie then go see Black Panther.

sir francis says:

but the thing is this movie co-relates to out way of living today the movie stand alone, has its own magical entry, doestn need a souls gem, but the this movie is out of the regular marvel platform script

hoodaffairstv says:

It's hard to enjoy things these days without criticizing it. The days of going to the movies and just watching it is over

FutureWarrior 44 says:

Love this movie

Benjamin Hamilton says:

I'm sick of capeshit movies.

Rerezhang says:

I loved the movie as well for the same points that you listed!!

Spoilers ahead
Because i tried my best to avoid anything about this movie so that i could watch this without any expectations, i was kind of surprised when they "switched" antagonists… but i liked it because the it then shifted the movie into a better direction!!

King Crazy says:

I wish the movie was rated R

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