Black Panther Angry Movie Review

Black Panther Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex watch Black Panther and give their thoughts on the 18th Marvel film, does it live up to the hype and expectations set for it?

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kemuael says:

Dont talk review this movie!!!…Colonizer lol

6-011101 says:

The MCU failure will be SQUIRREL GIRL!!!!

Kidzin says:

It was definitely fun thing to watch, but plot and wiriting wise it was awfull, a lot of that praise is so so bollocks.

Eaton Hogg says:

More Negro Worship!

chris kaufman says:

Any self respecting White Man who liked this movie has to be gay for Nigs .Grow up these Spooks aren't your Bros .Clint Eastwood.

15brosnant says:

One thing I would nit pick (is that how it's spelled?) is that the humor in the movie was really bad. Every joke in the theater I watched in fell completely flat with the audience. Thankfully they didn't have too many jokes though so it wasn't unbearable.

snapgab says:

My only disappointment with this film was the fight scenes, many of them didn't really work for me.

The story was great though, and I did like both of those 1v1 duel scenes at the waterfall.

SempreSonhador says:

Portuguese subtitles on the background!? Cool.

Anders says:


Rob J says:

Great? Not even close. Average at best

Lawrence Tosha Holley says:

What people dont get this is a the orgin of KING T'Challa for the black panther

dominichokage says:

Oh god, after this movie I love Shuri so much. She is just adorable.


Great movie but I felt like it was to preach in spots with the whole immigration and white people being evil and such.

rp1117 says:

Review KCD!

Sean McClelland says:

It was really good movie it's definitely worth seeing two or three times

GamerSenseiJayy says:

Okay so we got the Black Panther, so when do we get the White Hawk?

Kip Jinkalow says:

I would honestly give this a 7 or a 6, a 7 just because of Killmonger. Horrible cgi, I’m surprised no one brought up one of the first fight scenes the people’s dancing on the cliffs looked like png copy and pastes, I could almost count the pixels on the people. Minimal explanation for anything. When Wakanda was first introduced I was thrilled to know how these people of a third world country with minimal chaotic leadership would amass and create such a advanced civilization. However they just leaped over the explaining part and just said, oh some cool metal did it. How was vibranium found? After the power of the of vibranium was found, was their fights over power to whom controlled the metal? Did they treat the metal as their idol if it does so much? Why was none of this answered? So much potential and bad pacing with a very lack lustre and confusing plot. Good album tho.

Tabor Christensen says:

Just saw it! Didn't know how much black culture they left out of school until I watched it.

Ironkitten1881 says:

Kill monger had me at “What’s up cuz!!!” Kudos to Michael Jordan. He was spectacular. The movie was great, visually appealing. BUT dragged parts for forced comedic relief by over compensating the ethnicity of the characters… which jokes were met with silence in the theatre. Thor doesn’t have to authenticate his heritage to the audience. Why did they feel the need to sell us on Africa? He is BLACK PANTHER! I would have enjoyed it more if they just related Black Panther to civil unrest IN Wakanda. They wouldn’t have taken any other MCU character and use world politics to extend the screen script. They use what is IN the comics. “ Is that a Bugatti scapeship?!???

bill bixby says:


Quantrindic says:

They should've healed Killmonger. I liked him more than T'challa

Zhadow700 says:

I hope marvel does not decide to make a movie about Frog-Man or 3D-man that would not be good movies.

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