Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Trailer

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Trailer

The movie trailer to the 1989 comedy about two dudes named Bill and Ted. Great film, if you haven’t seen it, you should! The movie starred Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter, and George Carlin.



Mario Indie. says:

Which was fist, this or doctor who?

huong ngoc chau nguyen says:

God, They so  innocent and intelligent. great movies Ted's <3 😀 fun and  smart 

HottieJonnyROBLOX says:

I swear this is q parody or it rips off doctor who. The time travel in space and time. Its a fucking phone booth.and a futuristic guy

EddieBee83 says:

Alex Winter = Infrabren!

Carina says:

lamest shit ive ever seen …

lethrneck4 says:

this movie will always be part of my childhood, i was 13 when it came out, it was the first movie i was allowed to go see with my best friend, no parents..friday night, brand new multiplex in was pacccked, and this movie was the funniest thing ever to a 13 year old..good times!

powerist says:

So how would happen if they met a british guy with a blue phone booth along the way.

Edvard Leonchanka says:


David Lafleche says:

They missed a chance at a great joke.  When Bill and Ted met the king dude, they should have said, "Hey!  It's Chef Boy-ar-Dee!"

SheBadxo says:

i remember watching this film when i was 7, lol i never understood why my dad would chuckle every time at the 69 bit. even though this film came out wayyy before i was born, i still remember watching it on vhs hahah

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